CONNECTLAX.COM Launches Free Resource for Instructors and Camps

CONNECTLAX.COM Launches Free Resource for Instructors and Camps

CONNECTLAX.COM Launches to Connect the Lacrosse Community and Help Lacrosse Players Find Instructors in their Community to Take their Game to the Next Level! is a new, completely free service for instructors to market their individual or small group lessons, manage their time and clients and share the game with the next generation of players. Players of all ages simply type in their zip code or city to find the best instructors in their community, many of them professionals in the MLL, NLL and other leagues. Players then browse detailed instructor profiles for the right match. ConnectLAX charges a one-time connection fee to players, ranging from $4 to $12, which allows players to book and manage all future sessions with their instructor for free.

ConnectLAX is a great lead generator for instructors who operate camps and connects them with players in their area looking to improve their game. ConnectLAX is developing management services for camps that will seamlessly integrate an instructor’s existing client base. “ConnectLAX allows me and my camp instructors to connect with players in our area when our camps aren’t running and build a following and buzz for the next camp”, says camp director and MLL defenseman Michael Manley. In addition, instructors can have their camps promoted directly to players in their area for free on

This NYC-based startup was started by former lacrosse players with the goal of connecting the lacrosse community, including players & parents, instructors & coaches, camps, recruiting and more. Founders Gage Mersereau and Nick Lattimore came from very different lacrosse backgrounds, Gage from Indianapolis where the sport is still growing and Nick from Upstate New York where its deeply rooted, creating the realization that as lacrosse rapidly grows beyond its traditional hotbeds, a service to connect former players in new markets and help current players find the best instructors in their community would be of great resource. “A lot of college players tend to disengage from lacrosse after they graduate and begin their careers; ConnectLAX is a great way to become active in the local lacrosse scene and spend time developing young players on a schedule that works for you”, says Gage. Instructors of all backgrounds and abilities are welcome to sign up. plans to help players from their early years of youth development through to college recruiting, providing a central platform for players of all ages to connect, participate and build their network and reputation. ConnectLAX is available across the United States and their team travels the country to find and promote the best instructors; check out their LaxTour to see when they will be in your area. is a website developed to connect boys and girls with lacrosse instructors in their community for individual or small group instruction. ConnectLAX is completely free for instructors to use and players pay a one-time connection fee for unlimited bookings and messaging with their instructors. You can follow ConnectLAX on Twitter / Instagram (@connectlax) and on Facebook (

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