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Davis Sampere
Davis Sampere is a 2016 Faceoff player from North Carolina who plays for Leesville H.S. and Carolina Hilltopper Elite
1. What are you looking for in a college lacrosse program?
            What I look for in a college lacrosse program is an opportunity to grow as a person.  Coming together as a team will expose me to different experiences such as a family type of environment that can only be reached by hard work  and dedication.
2. How do see yourself contributing to a college team?
            I see myself contributing to college team by being a player that can bring the team together as single unit.  On an individual basis I believe I can give the offense consecutive possessions to allow for multiple scoring opportunities.
3. What is your greatest strength as a player?
            I believe my greatest strength is as a player is that I work hard to improve my lacrosse abilities.  By focusing on face off skills I have increased my ability to turn a game around in the matter of minutes.
4. Who was your biggest lacrosse influence?
            My biggest lacrosse influence has been through the Face Off Academy, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best professional face off athletes in the game, which has helped me to further develop my face off skills.
5. What is your lacrosse goal for the 2015 season?
            My lacrosse goals for 2015 are to improve in each game I play in.  I want to become more of an offensive threat.  I also want to help lead my team to preform at their highest potential.
6. What is your favorite professional sports team?
            My favorite professional sports team is the Carolina Panthers because I am a fan of Cam Newton it is always exciting to see what he does with the football in his hands.
Greg Gurenlian of FOA described Davis as “Davis is an Animal. High energy athlete who loves to push the ball and create offense. The scary thing is that he keeps getting better and better. He’ll be a force at the next level.”
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