Corporate Partnership Addresses Safety and Education in Youth Lacrosse

NEW YORK – Tuesday, May 17, 2011 – Youth lacrosse players across America now have unprecedented access to leadership, education and protection – thanks to a new formal partnership between Trilogy Lacrosse and McDavid USA.

Trilogy, a national lacrosse company that has instructed more than 8,500 student-athletes since 2005 – 2,500 in 2010 alone – has established a reputation as a leader in player development and mentoring through clinics, day camps, overnight camps and select teams. But this is the first year that Trilogy will equip athletes with gear to reduce the prevalence and severity of injuries.

McDavid has agreed to provide the players and directors with protective performance apparel and sports medical products.

“Our partnership with McDavid is a significant step forward in Trilogy’s growth,” Ryan Boyle, co-founder and CEO of Trilogy said. “We have a larger network of players than ever and because of that, we have a responsibility to provide them with more quality products that we believe in.”

Boyle, a three-time Team USA Lacrosse Athlete and current member of the MLL Boston Cannons and NLL Philadelphia Wings, has personally been wearing and endorsing McDavid products since 2007. He says he is an especially strong supporter of the ankle braces and HexPad protective performance apparel.

HexPad is an exclusive and proprietary technology that bonds small hex-shaped athletic pads right onto the fabric, creating a lightweight, breathable and durable layer that moves with and conforms to the athletes. It is created to protect athletes from injury in key areas on the body.

“Lacrosse is a violent, aggressive, physical sport and I need that extra layer of protection,” Boyle said. “Our mantra at Trilogy is that ‘We Teach What We Do.’ If the instructors are using McDavid daily – why shouldn’t our student-athletes?”

“This union is a natural evolution from what has been a great relationship between McDavid and Ryan for years,” Rey Corpuz, director of marketing for McDavid said. “We’re taking our commitment to the next level and the result is sure to have an industry-wide impact.”

Trilogy will be a testing ground and sounding board for several new McDavid products and ideas – and according to Corpuz, it is McDavid’s mission to remain on the front lines of injury prevention and enhancement of true athlete performance.

“When you think McDavid, you think quality – and I know this from firsthand experience,” Boyle said. “We are absolutely thrilled to be partnering with a global leader like McDavid. They are so innovative and product-driven. This is something that our athletes and their parents are really going to appreciate.”

McDavid will also be supporting the growth of the sport through several scholarships for young athletes through Trilogy. And to aid efforts in continuing education, which to date has been Trilogy’s primary focus, McDavid plans to disseminate informational packets at all camps and clinics.

“Every athlete who passes through Trilogy will be given literature and product from McDavid,” Boyle said. “This is an important step in the education process that both companies are so passionate about.”

One thing that won’t change is the hands-on approach that the directors and coaches take with the players. They will continue to balance their responsibilities at Trilogy with their own professional careers – working with the student-athletes Monday through Friday and competing on the weekends.

This is such an exciting time to be involved with Trilogy,” Boyle said. “I have always considered myself a student of the game and my ability to pass along knowledge and experience to others is a great opportunity. I know the other leaders feel the same and that’s what makes Trilogy so unique.”

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