CroART Sports’ Surf N’ Turf Lacrosse Tournament Recap and Highlights

This year had a new twist as LAX.COM became the 2012 Title sponsor. The tournament ran at Moakley Park in South Boston and is not just a tournament but a showcase of the City of Boston, the Parks and Recreation Department and the MDC.

The tournament featured 800 participants from 29 men’s teams and 7 women’s team from Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Arizona, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont returned this year with new entries from Canada and Chicago.

One of the distinct features of this tournament is the “Dine Around.” This unique concept pairs men’s and women’s teams and sends them out for a dinner around town at one of the participating tournament restaurants. This year’s list includes Vintage Lounge, The Place, Goodbar, Market and Mija. After dinner all players meet up again for one final sendoff party to cap the weekend. This year gatherings were held at two locations The Place Boston and Down Ultra Lounge which are right around the corner from each other so anyone could “get down” how they like.

2013 we will introduce A and B division, feature a High School Boy’s Division as well as a Men’s over 30 Master Division. “Get your teams ready and ship on up to Boston” and “Get Down” with the Surf N Turf.

2012 Men’s Champion Mighty Ducks defeated Megamen 9-8 in a thrilling OT victory. The LAX.COM game MVP was shared by Brian Krol and Brandon Misiaszek.


Hoisting the Champion T


2012 Men’s Champion Mighty Ducks

2012 Women’s Champion Lady Ducks defeated Lady Punch 10-3. The LAX.COM game MVP was
Support the Cause. A few teams played for something more than a fun weekend.


2012 Women’s Champions


2012 Womens MVP Kelsey McGovern

The weekend was about more than just lacrosse:
Gut Busters from Massachusetts played for Crohns Disease and raised $450.
Team USO from New York raised funds to support the bring every player home campaign.
Team 29 from Connecticut playing in honor of a fellow teammate.
Mighty Ducks from Massachusetts Donated the $600 tournament prize to the Tabor Academy, Jonathan A. Smith Award for Outstanding Leadership, Character and Integrity.

We had a mural painted during the After party by local Artist Percy Wright. We will hold an Auction and raffle to raise funds for all the Surf N Turf team Causes, check out details will be up soon on how you can support or become a charity or team mission we will support.


By Percy White

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