Hey Coach, You Forgot Crotch Rot


July 18, 2013

Hey Coach, You Forgot Crouch Rot

Hey, who doesn’t want their name associated with crotch rot? Summertime means more than coaching, playing, and recruiting in the blistering heat. For me, summertime equates to crotch rot. Crotch rot is that feeling you get down there that is probably similar to fire ants marching on your eyes. It doesn’t matter how slow you walk, you’re still going to fall victim to it.

Hey Coach, You Forgot Crouch Rot

Notre Dame’s Gerry Byrne failed to mention crotch rot, yet he did address annoying parents. One person responded to Byrne by stating that kids didn’t choose their parents. Point taken. Vermont’s Head Coach Ryan Curtis recently said that parents need to be cognizant of the fact that they’re being evaluated too.

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