Defender Launches Mouthguard for Pro Lacrosse Players

Yonkers, NY — April 14, 2010 — Defender Mouthguard Laboratories today launched its next generation “Pro” mouthguard based on feedback they received from professional players during the 2009 National Lacrosse League (NLL) and Major League Lacrosse (MLL) seasons.

“We are constantly trying to improve our products,” said Joe Pipolo, founder of Defender Mouthguard Laboratories. “Several of the professional lacrosse players who used our Pro model last year commented that they were very pleased with the increased concussion protection, but that the additional layer made it a little too thick in the front. So, it was back to lab and several prototypes later the Pro model we now offer is similar in comfort to our Varsity model, but with a thicker padded chewing surface near the molars for increased concussion protection. Ultimately, if the athlete is more relaxed, their on field performance and endurance increases dramatically.”

“I love my Defender Mouthguard,” said Max Siebald, the 2009 recipient of lacrosse’s coveted Tewaarton Trophy, a first team All-American and All-Ivy League player at Cornell University and a second year pro with Denver Outlaws of Major League Lacrosse and the Philadelphia Wings of the National Lacrosse League. “I wore it this past weekend for my NLL game and I barely noticed that I was wearing it the whole time. Usually with the regular heat and mold mouthguards, I bite them and chew on them all game. However, since changing to the Defender it’s easier to breath and talking clearly is not a problem. On top of it all, I love the custom design.”

Chris Fiore, a former lacrosse star at UMass and now a midfielder with the Long Island Lizards commented, “I haven’t worn a mouthguard since I had to in college. The first time I put the Defender in my mouth it was like I was not even wearing one. It is extremely comfortable and does not move around at all.”

“Defender Mouthguards saved my professional lacrosse career,” said Matt Zash who is a transition player for the Orlando Titans in the National Lacrosse League and a midfielder for the Long Island Lizards of Major League Lacrosse. “In April of last year, I was hit in the face with a 100 MPH shot, breaking my jaw in three places. At the time, it seemed like bad luck. However, I was very fortunate to have been wearing a Defender Mouthguard. Because of Defender’s unique and superior design, I didn’t have a single broken tooth or the slightest headache. Cracked teeth, a concussion, or both, would have resulted in permanent damage. It is really amazing, I was back on the field 6-weeks later and as good as new.”

Learn more about Defender HERE.

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