digz featuring Chris Eck: Wallets, Maker Short and Talking with His Hands

digz sits down with MLL face-off player and Colgate alum, Chris Eck, to show him the new Maker Short. digz also asks him questions ranging from where his sports loyalties rest to what he likes to eat for dinner. This makes for quite the interview. Read the Q & A below.

Seeing that your parents are from Cinci and you were born in Cleveland, where do your sports loyalties rest?
I don’t have a huge sports loyalty to any one team. I do like the Bengals but my East Coast teams are all NY based, Giants, Yankee’s, Rangers… I’ve lived in Fairfield, CT since I was in 3rd grade. My main loyalty is to Colgate Lacrosse, I drop everything to watch those guys get after it.

Of all the changes that have come along with type 1 diabetes, which stands out the most for you as an individual?
The biggest change I’ve made is through my diet. A lot of people try to eat whatever they want and supplement their life style with more insulin. I try and eat as well as I possibly can and use as little insulin as possible. It helps with your overall ability to maintain your blood sugar and avoid complications down the road.

If you’re not taking face-offs what position are you playing?
As much as I like putting the ball in the goal, I think I’d be a close defenseman. In college when I played Short Stick D-Middie as well I liked when teams inverted. Always fun to try and stop someone who has to try and turn the corner to get to the cage… and I mean who wouldn’t want to swing around a 6ft pole?

Jeremy Lin fan?
How can you not be? Kid walked on to Harvard with a dream, continued to grow as a player and essentially did the same thing on the Knicks. Kept his head down, worked hard and never gave up. I strive to have that attitude in whatever I’m approaching in life.

Favorite player to watch in the MLL?
Gotta give props to my teammate Kyle Sweeney, I don’t know another player who is as versatile as him. He’s a vacuum on the wings, shuts any one down in front or behind the cage, can run the break like no other and even mixes it up behind the goal with the ball. He’s a threat with or without the ball, makes everyone around him better.

Are you planning on downsizing your Costanza wallet?
Absolutely not… I’m prepared for anything.

Love and hate about NYC?
Love that there’s always something going on and something to do in the city, any time of day or day of the year you can find something fun and exciting to get involved with. I do wish NYC was a little more open, to go for a run… you essentially have to run to where you are going to actually run… does that make sense? Would be nice if there were more parks, running trails or fields all over the city as opposed to just around the outside of the island or central park.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner? What’s cookin?
I make a MEAN breakfast, but I love dinner. I could eat it any time of the day… nothing like a good steak with sautéed spinach and mushrooms.

To view the rest of the Q & A with MLL player Chris Eck click here. Also, digz is marking the shorts down from $79 to $49 and are throwing in a free hat. Click here to purchase shorts now.

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