Dyers Cup by Sideline Swap + LPG


March 8, 2016

OG dyers and young guns alike, click here to enter the inaugural Dyers Cup. Below are the judges, rules, and prizes.

The Three Judges


Matt Gibson, New York Lizards (@itsmattgibson)

Max McCool, OG Dyer

Max McCool, OG Dyer (@mccooldyeshop)


Popular Vote

The rules are simple:

  • Enter here by 3/13/16 (11:59pm EST)
  • Matt and Max will narrow the field at their discretion. The votes will impact their decision, but will not be the only factor. Think of the voting as a tie-breaker between the judges. Decision will be made by 3/26/16 (11:59pm EST).
  • Finalist dyers will create a new head according to the judges instructions. We’ll give two weeks to complete.
  • Judges + popular vote chooses a winner

Prizes include:

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