Epoch Lacrosse Announces The Launch of Their Website


April 11, 2012

We are proud to say that we have been with Epoch from their first appearance at the Final Four in 2011 to the launch of their first shaft, the technologically advanced carbon fiber Dragonfly. We have seen them slowly change the face of the lacrosse world. Their new website, launching today, is no exception. As they say on the homepage of their website, “We picked up where everyone left off”, and we couldn’t agree more.

Even though we encourage you guys to check it out for yourselves HERE, we’ll let you in on some of the coolest aspects of the site. Showcasing their full lineup of the men’s and women’s carbon fiber Dragonfly shafts as well as their Alloy line, you can now access every detail about each shaft to determine which one is right for you. Also included is all of the technology and anatomy information you’ll ever need to know to invest in an Epoch product. Customers will also have the opportunity to register their shafts online, and then receive a certificate with the information about their shaft, such as the born-on date, chemical makeup and where it came from.

All of this wrapped up in an innovative, easy-to-navigate, awesome website.

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