Epoch Lacrosse Spring Classic Teams To Play With Epoch’s Gen. 4 Dragonfly Shafts


April 10, 2014

DeMatha, ranked 18th nationally, displaying Epoch Generation 4 shafts they will be playing with this weekend.

This weekend each team participating in our third annual showcase, Epoch Lacrosse Spring Classic, will be equipped with top-of-the-line lacrosse equipment from title sponsor, Epoch Lacrosse. Players will be playing with shafts from Epoch’s Gen.4 Dragonfly line-up and will receive Otter Mesh from Epoch and stringing supplies from StringKing.

Using cutting edge technology and design, as well as the same carbon fiber materials that NASA uses to send us into space, Epoch has created the most advanced lacrosse shaft in the world. One that flexes when it needs to, but still allows you to control your game. Epoch understands that there are fundamental differences between lacrosse handles. This is why they develop products specifically tailored to your needs, providing the feel youre looking for in a lightweight shaft designed for the elite player.

Epoch offers a large variety of geometries and flex, all with the same Dragonfly DNA and performance. Epochs Flex iQ System is designed to help you cut through all the noise and choose a shaft that is right for you. Epoch achieves flex by manipulating the orientation of the carbon fiber. Your shaft bends when you need it to, but retains its firmness for maximum control. Epochs highly engineered gritty textured topcoat, which allows for consistent grip to be maintained in all weather, while also allowing the shaft to move freely through your hands. With Epoch you’re sure to find a shaft that just feels right.

Epochs Advanced Carbon Layering (A.C.L.) is what separates Epoch shafts from conventional composite shafts. By layering low F.A.W., unidirectional carbon fiber pre-preg in a specific manner we can control several aspects of the shaft’s performance, including flex, durability, weight and release point. Dont sacrifice your game, choose Epoch. The C30 is the standard concave shape offers great control for the elite player looking to elevate his game.

For more information on the Spring Classic hosted at Georgetown University, click here

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