Fantasy Lacrosse Focus: TD Ierlan, Alex Stathakis and Jakob Phaup impress at the stripe

Hey there folks, the time has come. The last week of the college daily fantasy lacrosse season has come to a close. Let’s check out the performances (lots of new faces!) and see how your team fared this past week. 

Top Fantasy Lacrosse Performers

Michael Boehm of Michigan had a great game, helping the Wolverines nearly upset the Scarlet Knight. His 2 G, 4 A, 3 GB were good for 33 fantasy points. On the other end of that matchup, Connor Kirst had 5 goals and an assist that contributed to his 30 fantasy points. Jared Bernhardt made the Top 5 once again, with a great game (26 fantasy points) versus Hopkins, including some late game heroics to avoid the upset loss. 

Amongst the midfielders, it was the Wolverines again! Avery Myers (3 G, 2 A, 1 TO) and his 25 fantasy points were critical to Michigan’s battle vs RU. Matt Campbell and Eric Overbay s of Villanova contributed 24, and 23 fantasy points respectively in the win over Marquette. Declan McDermott, Xander Dickson, and Graham Bundy Jr. all had 20 or more points this weekend. 

At the stripe, TD Ierlan, Alec Stathakis and Jakob Phaup all notched 32 fantasy points this weekend, all of whom extracted at least 89% or more of their draws (Hint: TD was perfect for the third time since joining Denver.) 

Tune into the full episode of Fantasy Lacrosse Focus for more details and listen to The Fantasy Lacrosse Podcast with Dan Neubert and Doug Greenberg to get a complete breakdown of the season.

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