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Fantasy Lacrosse: NLL 2020 Week 12 Preview

Week 12 Fantasy Lacrosse Notes

Graeme Perrow of Inside Lacrosse and the Addicted to Lacrosse podcast published a story about how the time on floor stat (TOF) is a great indication of success in the NLL.  This metric can also be valuable when setting your lineup, but it is particularly the case when looking at the player this article takes a deep dive on: Kiel Matisz. 

Kiel Matisz can be a very valuable piece to your lineup because by using him you can take advantage of a bit of a loophole in the system. Although he is listed as a transition player, there are often games when Philadelphia will only dress five forwards, using Matisz as their sixth forward. In every game he plays, you can bet that he will have an impact on all three aspects of the game.

Already a fabulous addition to your lineup in the key defensive metrics, he will often get 10-15 shifts within set offensive possessions per game as well, increasing his opportunities to produce for your fantasy lacrosse team. This is a rare breed in the NLL; there are some other players that can perform this way, but seldom are utilized in this manner.

Start ‘em and Sit ‘em

Everybody tends to start Lyle Thompspon or Mark Matthews, but what is harder to map out is who to pair with them, or when to sit either of those tier one studs, to win the ultimate bragging rights between you and your buddies throughout the week. This section is dedicated to finding those players who can take you from good to great each week, and who to sit each week as well.


Your favorite two Georgia Swarm forwards

I am going to go against my usual advice here, and take two players in the same game. I think this is a great opportunity to pick on New York with a great matchup for Georgia.  I am going to go with Shayne Jackson and Lyle Thomspon, but you can choose any of their following main offensive options and feel really confident going into this week.  Randy Staats, Jordan Hall, Zach Miller and Miles Thompson should all provide great production as well. Yes, simply by default, one of these players won’t produce, but pick the two you like the most and don’t think twice about it!


Andrew Suitor
Fantasy Lacrosse Stats – 4.03 Fantasy PPG

Andrew Suitor is a great player, one of the game’s best defenders and holds his own in transition. He has had a solid campaign so far, scoring four fantasy points per game. Being that he is a member of an up and down New York team, this is a big accomplishment. 

He was one of the top fantasy producers based on last season’s stats, and I look for him to have a big breakout game this week. I am not playing him, but he would be a serious consideration for me if I didn’t have Kiel Matisz playing in both games. Georgia, although supremely talented, has been sloppy at times this season, and I can see Suitor grabbing some extra CTO’s during this weekend’s action for his first breakout game of the season. He will consistently produce steady performances, but could be a big play option this week!  


Warren Hill
Fantasy Lacrosse Stats – 8.36 Fantasy PPG

Warren Hill is a nice fantasy lacrosse pick this week against Saskatchewan, as not only is he a stud goalie, but the Rush also average less than 10 goals per contest. Dillion Ward was also a consideration, but with the home game in Halifax, I am forecasting a big week for Hill. You can feel comfortable rolling him out and it not costing you, while still giving you the upside of him catapulting you into a possible top five finish.

Stud to Avoid

Austin Staats
Fantasy Lacrosse Stats – 4.50 Fantasy points in Week 10

We can all agree on how dynamic a player Austin Staats is. He is a player who might be a lineup lock each week as the season moves forward.  However, right now he is still getting his footing and figuring out where he fits in. After a week in which he put up 12 shots, I was up and down about placing him in my lineup. Ultimately in this format of fantasy lacrosse, if you have doubts, you can likely find a better, safer option.  Stay away from Staats this week, use it as another chance to scout him, and if he starts to produce at a high level, you can feel comfortable giving him a chance moving forward.

Rookie to Watch

Clarke Petterson
Fantasy Lacrosse Stats – 4.54 Fantasy PPG

The Halifax Thunderbirds have been such a great story this year for the league as a whole.  The team seems to have all the pieces needed to make a deep run into the playoffs this season, and Petterson is certainly a key factor. A balanced fantasy player with 21 points and 25 LB’s, he has fit in nicely with this group in Halifax. In a week with some top talent not playing, if you are looking to gamble on a rookie, look no further than Petterson.  Coming off his best game of the season against Toronto, and no rookie wall in sight, I am looking for him to have another big week.

Week 11 In Review

Mark Matthews
2 Fantasy Points in Week 11

I was a little weary going into last week about this pick, but he can be too productive to sit at times. With just 2 assists to his credit last week, Matthews is slowly playing himself out of many lineups for the rest of the season. I hope he finds his way back on track and once again establishes himself as a valuable top-end fantasy lacrosse player, but until that time comes, he is best left out of your lineup for now.

For more Fantasy Lacrosse coverage, be sure to listen to the Pro Lacrosse Talk podcast every week.

Adam and Hutton’s Epoch Lacrosse Fantasy Locks

Ben McIntosh (Adam’s pick) and Shayne Jackson (Hutton’s pick)

Lange’s Lineup

Forwards – Shayne Jackson (GEO), Lyle Thompson (GEO) and Callum Crawford (NEB)

Defense/Transition –  Jordan MacIntosh (GEO), Kiel Matisz (PHI @ BUF) and Kiel Matisz (PHI @ NEB)

Goalie – Warren Hill (HFX)

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