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Fantasy Lacrosse: NLL 2020 Week 14 preview presented by Epoch Lacrosse

Week 14 Fantasy Lacrosse Notes

Here we go again!  Week 14 of the fantasy lacrosse season is upon us and I for one am ready to go.  This seems like an easy week to pick your lineup as all the matchups for the top players seem to line up in our favor as fantasy owners!  You have lots of great options to choose from and we should see high numbers across the board this weekend.

With that being said, let’s talk about picking your forwards during roster construction.  Last week, we talked about goalies and how I strategize for that pick. I always pick goalies based on the current week’s matchups.  But at forward, I always swing for the fences. I will only take players that are scoring in the top 20 in points per game during this fantasy lacrosse season.  (In the beginning of the year I would refer back to last year’s fantasy lacrosse rankings).

Once I have it limited down to who fits the confines of that requirement and has a scheduled game during the fantasy lacrosse week, I evaluate their performance in the past three games.  The players who rank higher I keep looking at and move on to the next measuring stick.

That next barometer is to make sure that they fill at least two stat categories weekly. One of these has to be points, but if they do not collect loose balls and/or create turnovers, I’ll stay away from them.  I also value assist driven players over pure goal scorers. With the second assist being a factor in fantasy lacrosse in the NLL as opposed to the field game, it gives them more of an opportunity to collect points during the week.

Lastly, I look at the matchups. If I have more than 3 players that tick all of those boxes for that week, then I select the ones with the best matchups.

Start ‘em and Sit ‘em

Everybody tends to start Lyle Thompspon or Mark Matthews, but what is harder to map out is who to pair with them, or when to sit either of those tier one studs, to win the ultimate bragging rights between you and your buddies throughout the week. This section is dedicated to finding those players who can take you from good to great each week, and who to sit each week as well.


Dane Dobbie
Fantasy Lacrosse Stats – 6.75 Fantasy PPG

Dobbie came back with a vengeance last week! With 9.75 fantasy lacrosse points, and leading his team to a huge victory over Georgia, he reminded everyone just how good of a fantasy option he can be for your team. 


Challen Rogers
Fantasy Lacrosse Stats – 3.78 Fantasy PPG

The 2018-19 Transition Player of the Year started the season a bit slow.  Really limiting his production this fantasy lacrosse season are his low CT numbers, with only one on the year.  That is obviously not a sustainable number and I expect water to reach it’s level for him here. Also, in the last 3 games he is averaging 4.75 points per game and has an upcoming matchup against Saskatchewan that should lead to some more opportunities to break out of that slump.  I am going to put my faith in him this week!


Christian Del Bianco
Fantasy Lacrosse Stats – 9.72 Fantasy PPG

Del Bianco plays against San Diego, and if you follow my columns each week, you will know that the Seals are the best matchup for opposing goalies. Add to that how good Del Bianco is, and you have fantasy lacrosse gold! 

Stud to Avoid

Tyler Digby
Fantasy Lacrosse Stats – 4.55 Fantasy PPG

Digby is a guy capable of putting up much more than his current season totals. Many people think that the move to Colorado will jump start this production and take his game to the next level. This may be the case, but I would take a wait and see approach with him. I’d give it three games before I move him into my lineup above some of the other players in the NLL.

Rookie to Watch

Eli Gobrecht
Fantasy Lacrosse Stats – 3.13 Fantasy PPG

When looking at defenders for your team, it is always hard to trust rookies. Is Eli ready to go into your lineup? No! But, just imagine for a second that we play in a fantasy lacrosse league in which you drafted a team, and could keep players from year to year.  Eli would have to be one of the people you looked at taking early in that draft. He should be a stud defender for years to come. Having Gobrecht, along with Nick Damude, makes the defensive future in San Diego look very bright!

Week 13 In Review

My lineup last week produced a solid 36.25 points.  That was not enough to win you the week, but it would keep you in contention for the overall prize.  My top pick for you last week was Eric Penney, no doubt he was a person that most people would have avoided given that he was playing an elite offensive team. 

If you took the dive on the numbers with me last week, and follow that same logic this week, you won’t be disappointed in the cage. Remember, wins aren’t important for goalies, all that matters is saves vs. total shots by the opponent.  My biggest mistake last week was sitting Callum Crawford. Finishing with 13.5 points, if I played him over Holden Cattoni, like I had every OTHER week this season, I would have been in contention for the weekly prize with 43.75 fantasy lacrosse points.

For more Fantasy Lacrosse coverage, be sure to listen to the Pro Lacrosse Talk podcast every week.

Lange’s Lineup

Forwards – Dane Dobbie (CGY), Callum Crawford (NEB @ NYR) and Callum Crawford (NEB vs. HFX)

Defense/Transition –  Graeme Hossack (HFX), Challen Rogers (TOR) and Zach Currier (CGY)

Goalie – Christian Del Bianco (CGY)

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