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Fantasy lacrosse is back and this time in the form of a daily fantasy platform created by Flow Fantasy Inc., the creators of last summer’s fantasy lacrosse challenge that coincided with the PLL Championship Series.

Participants will have a salary cap and be tasked with building a fantasy lacrosse lineup comprised of college players from the ACC, Big Ten and Big East. Similar to other daily fantasy platforms, users will have to pay more to start top talent like Michael Sowers or Chris Gray, while finding top performances from undervalued players to rank above their peers.

To coincide with the Flow Fantasy Daily D1 challenge, Lacrosse Playground will producing a variety of content, including a weekly recap show titled the Fantasy Lacrosse Focus hosted by Ty Cunnington, the Fantasy Lacrosse Podcast hosted by Dan Neubert and a weekly competition between fellow lacrosse podcasts The Post Game and Crease Dive. Sign up at

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Past Fantasy Lacrosse Challenges

2020 PLL Fantasy Lacrosse presented by Flow Fantasy

Pro Lacrosse Talk partnered with the fantasy sports platform Flow Fantasy Inc. to provide lacrosse fans with a fully automated fantasy lacrosse challenge during the PLL Championship Series. Flow Fantasy Inc., a startup fantasy company founded by Grant Schwartz and Spencer Meyers, launched the first online fantasy lacrosse platform that allowed users to create their own leagues, hold their own drafts and compete against their friends. Flow Fantasy Lacrosse users were able to build their rosters by adding players via an online draft, free agency period and trades with other users.

Draft Lobby

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Waiver Wire

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Team Roster

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As part of the partnership, Pro Lacrosse Talk provided various fantasy lacrosse-specific content including a weekly fantasy lacrosse newsletter, in-depth draft previews and fantasy lacrosse advice on their various online, social media and podcast platforms.

2019-20 NLL Fantasy Lacrosse Pick ‘Em Challenge Results

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2019 PLL Fantasy Lacrosse Pick ‘Em Challenge Results

Week 1 Winner

Week 2 Winner

Week 3 Winner