Fields Of Growth International: Uganda National Championship


August 15, 2012

Fields of Growth Intl. is a charitable organization with community based partnerships in Uganda, East Africa. The organization, founded by Kevin Dugan, believes that people were put on this earth to share our passion, joy and gifts with the less fortunate. One of Fields of Growth’s vehicles to do this is lacrosse. Recently, the second annual Kings Cup transpired over the weekend in Uganda. The Kings Cup is the first Lacrosse competition on African soil. It is also the biggest lacrosse competitive event on the Uganda Lacrosse calendar.

The Warriaz played the Strykers in the National Championship. The Warriaz ended up taking home the Kings Cup. It really is nothing short of incredible what Uganda Lacrosse has accomplished over such a short period of time. The players look like they were born with a stick in their hands. Players are popping balls up to themselves at the faceoff x, diving goals a la Gary Gait and Chazz Woodson, well timed crease slides and you even catch some creative celebrations (:55 second mark). View the insane video highlights below.

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