Fireside Chat with Coast Guard Academy’s Cadet 1/C Stu Carley

Fireside Chat with Coast Guard Academy's Cadet 1/C Stu Carley

New London, Conn. – Fresh off the announcement from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy Division of Athletics that it will elevate the Men’s Lacrosse Program to varsity NCAA D3 status (effective with the 2014-15 academic year), we sat down with the “quiet man from Texas”, Cadet 1/c Stu Carley – one of three 2014 Team Captains selected at the United States Coast Guard Academy. Carley had an outstanding 2013 campaign at attack – increasing his offensive output almost three-fold from 2012 and leading the PCLL in goals with 39. Coming in second in the PCLL in points (54) and third in Points per Game (3.8), Carley was a key member of one of the most prolific attack squads in the MCLA. Together with Austin English and E.J. Schmid, this group produced 172 points in 15 games (almost 11.5 ppg) and led the Bears to the 2013 MCLA National Tournament in Greenville, SC. Thanks to these statistics, Carley was chosen to the 2013 All-PCLL Second Team. 2013 First Team All-American Austin English has graduated and headed off to Flight School, but the tandem of Carley and Schmid will return for the 2014 spring campaign to menace PCLL defenses for another year. Carley spent his summer training period aboard America’s Tall Ship, Coast Guard Cutter EAGLE, training younger cadets to put navigation, engineering, and other professional theory they have previously learned in the classroom to work in a “real world” environment. To maneuver Eagle under sail, the crew must handle more than 22,000 square feet of sail and five miles of rigging. Over 200 lines control the sails and yards, and every crew-member must become intimately familiar with the name, operation, and function of each line. On the decks and in the rigging of Eagle, young men and women get a taste of salt air and life at sea and they are tested and challenged, often to the limits of endurance. Working aloft, they meet fear and learn to overcome it. The experience builds character and helps cadets develop leadership and teamwork skills that prove valuable assets throughout their careers.

1. Why did you choose to come to the Coast Guard Academy? Since I can remember I have always been interested in joining the military. I decided to come to the Coast Guard Academy because of the sense of family I felt when I visited and participated in the AIM (Academy Introduction Mission – a one-week summer program that gives you the chance to see if the Academy is right for you, and if you have what it takes to succeed at the Coast Guard Academy) program. The cadets really look out for one another and are very tight knit. Of course, there were the obvious reasons too such as the academics, military service, and lacrosse.

2. Plans after graduation? After graduation I plan on going afloat on either a 210-foot or 270-foot medium endurance cutter somewhere on the east coast or in the Gulf.

3. Favorite Summer Training Experience so far? My favorite summer experience came this past summer as I led a division of 3/c cadets on USCGC EAGLE (America’s Tall Ship). Besides sailing to places like Bermuda, my 3/c cadets earned top division honors for that phase, and as a leader it was rewarding to share in the success my division earned through their hard work over the previous six weeks.

4. What other CGA sports/activities are you involved in? I am involved in the Coast Guard Soccer ‘Hooligans’. It’s a great way to support the CGA Men’s Soccer team and relieve stress.

5. What keeps you motivated each day? The men and women making the ultimate sacrifice overseas. When I have a bad day at the Academy or when I am really stressed out I think about our troops over in the Middle East and remember that whatever situation I am in is not really that bad.

6. What are your goals for the upcoming season? Win the PCLL Tournament Championship! Since I joined the team back in the fall of 2010 we have been to the PCLL Championship every year, but have never won. We owe it to ourselves and all the great players who have come through this program over the past few years to finally win the PCLL.

7. Personal high point in the CGA Lacrosse Program so far? Beating Sam Houston State in the first round of the MCLA National Tournament last season. Being from the Houston area it was great beating some of my old high school rivals and being part of CGA lacrosse’s first win at the MCLA National Tournament.

8. What is your favorite activity apart from sports? Going backpacking and hanging out with friends. It’s nice to get away from the Academy on weekends and relax.

9. Any Pregame Ritual? I always listen to “Otherside” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers right before I leave the locker room.

Fireside Chat with Coast Guard Academy's Cadet 1/C Stu Carley

10. Funniest Teammate? Tough question because the team is full of characters, but I’m going to say 1/c Treston Taylor.

11. Favorite movie? The Sandlot

12. Favorite song? “The Cave” by Mumford and Sons

13. Favorite TV Show? Game of Thrones

14. Favorite Food? Can’t beat Texas BBQ

15. Favorite Sports Team? Colorado Rockies

16. Favorite Athlete? Eric Crouch

17. Place you want to travel someday? Germany

18. Personal Hero? Both of my grandfathers are heroes. One served in the Marines during WWII and the other was in the Navy during Korea. Their service was one of several factors that inspired me to serve.

19. Any Pets? Yes, I have one dog named Wiley.

20. Advice that you would give to prospective cadets? Be persistent and start your application early! Make sure your Admissions Officer knows how much you want to attend the Coast Guard Academy.

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As the smallest of the five U.S. service academies, the Coast Guard Academy offers the elite higher education, rigorous professional development, and honor and tradition of a military academy but with a more personalized approach.

The Coast Guard Academy offers an integrated life experience which emphasizes academics, physical fitness, character and leadership, in order to graduate officers of the highest caliber. Graduates go directly to positions of leadership in “The Shield of Freedom,” one of the most admired organizations in the world. The Academy also features an impressive teacher-student ratio and picturesque waterfront campus that instills a traditional small college feel.

Cadets devote themselves to an honor concept and graduate to work at sea, on land, in the air, and even in space, in meaningful careers of selfless service to others.

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