Future Lacrosse Stars of Tomorrow

In trying to promote the sport of lacrosse I’ve done a lot with various magazines, organizations, and lacrosse equipment manufacturers to get the right ‘lax aesthetic’ out there to the general public. Well, this summer I decided to swim up stream a bit more and capture the true future of the sport…the youth players! Myself and the Verdict Crew teamed up with Nike to photograph youth lax players all around the country at their prestigious camps as well as with the Bay Area’s own All West Lacrosse run by Matt Ogelsby.

We do so much work with guys at the top of the game, that we decided to bring that ‘commercial aesthetic’ to tomorrow’s stars…to give kids the red carpet treatment. Lacrosse is still a good deal away from being a household sport, so we figured the best way to get into households, would be to take photographs of youth players for parents to display on the mantle, refrigerator and so on. You get the idea.

So next time you see a Verdict stamp on some photo in a magazine, just know that we are working equally as hard to develop the sport on the grass-roots level as well. Working top-down and bottom-up, Verdict Photography is focused on making lacrosse a country and world-wide phenomena.

In 2008 former professional lacrosse player, Zach Heffner formed his own photography company so he could pursue his own unique style and brand of image making. A few years later, Verdict Photography is now a premiere commercial photography studio located in California. Specializing in commercial portraiture, Zach’s work features many elite athletes and has appeared in magazine covers and in national print ads. Zach hopes to use his ‘edgy’ style of photography to help promote the sport of lacrosse within mainstream media. Titled ‘EXPOSURE’, these blog posts will showcase Zach’s recent work and how he is helping lacrosse to get more of what it needs…exposure. Follow Zach Heffner on Twitter @VERDICTphoto.

Lacrosse Playground

In 2009, Adam O’Neill, Harry Alford and Thomas Alford launched Lacrosse Playground as the preeminent site for lacrosse gearheads. For years Lacrosse Playground provided lacrosse fans with tutorials and tips on how to string a lacrosse head, up-close looks at the gear the top players used and sneak peeks at equipment and uniforms before they were released. More than 10 years and millions of visits later, Lacrosse Playground has relaunched with a focus on storytelling. Our mission is to provide comprehensive coverage of the latest lacrosse news, share insights into the sports betting and fantasy lacrosse world and showcase the lifestyles and personalities of the sport of lacrosse through articles, videos and podcasts.

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