Gear Review: Frankie’s Custom Lax Glo Mesh

Last week we introduced you to Glow Mesh. We received so many inquiries we decided to conduct a review of the product. Frankie’s Custom Lax designed the world’s first and original Glow in the Dark Lacrosse Mesh. The Glo Mesh is coated with their secret coating made of a special and unique combination of products, which creates a very bright glow in the dark. We asked a player to string the mesh up (on a spare Evo 3 we had laying around the office) and below are his honest opinions of the product.

Equipment Test & Evaluation

Evaluator Bio
Player: Billy B.
Age: 18
Position: M

Current & Testing Configuration
Current (Make/Model): Soft Mesh
Test (Make/Model): Frankie’s Glo Mesh

Equipment Evaluation & Review (Best possible score is 10)

10 out of 10
Notes: The mesh feels like any other hard/dura mesh on the market. One side is smooth and the other is a little more rough and grippy. If you are a stringer, then you know what I’m talking about. As I began to pull and stretch the mesh out it began to soften a little which is typical.

5 out of 10
Notes: Standard weight and balance. You’d think the coating will make it heavy, but it doesn’t at all. The strings that accompany the mesh may be viewed as just a tad heavy because of the glow-in-the-dark coating respectfully applied to them. I rate this a 5 because I am neutral on this matter.

8 out of 10
Notes: First off, the mesh is White until you put it in the dark. If you are just playing during the day with this pocket it won’t strike you as having magical powers. It performs like you’d expect other hard mesh pockets to after being broken in after a day of stringing it. I have played with it in the middle of the day as well as at night…pocket keeps its form in both conditions. I have not played with it in rainy conditions yet, but the pocket is supposed to be waterproof and I believe it since it hasn’t failed me yet.

8 out of 10
Notes: I think the best part about the Frankie’s Custom Lax stringing materials are the shooting strings and laces. The first thing I noticed was how hard, thick, tough and stiff the strings were. BTW, these glow in the dark, too. I used them for the top string and at the bottom of the throat. I don’t like to string with flimsy or limp strings. I like the topstring as tight as possible. I guess it is stiff from the chemical formula used to make it glow in the dark.

Lasting Impressions
This glow in the dark lacrosse mesh is definitely inventive and fun as a collector’s item. However, it is not practical for playing in complete darkness as it is dependent on a light source. The chemicals which create the glow in the dark on the mesh needs to be charged by light. A few minutes in the light will give you a glow time of a half an hour or so. So i recommend leaving the mesh in visible light or sunlight to give you the best glow possible. Purchase this as a great addition to any lax fiend’s collection at

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