Giveaway: Enter to Win a Chee Clothing x Stylin’ Strings Lacrosse Tank and Stick


We reached out to Chee Clothing, also owners of the Laxtitutes Facebook Page. They were down for a creative partnership to take their new tank design and apply it to a custom Stylin’ Strings Lax Stick for a giveaway project. Myself (Dustin Dohm, owner of SSLAX, dye master, creative director) as well as an up and coming designer named Tyler mapped out the process that would result in an insane piece of dye art.
Here at Stylin’ Strings, we are always looking for design inspiration. While scrolling through Lax Playground as we tend to do, we came across a sick tank design that was added to the Chee Lacrosse Clothing line. The tank was made by an independent designer to represent the Pabst Blue Ribbon can and the individual nailed it. You may remember back a few months earlier that there was a contest to see who could design a winning tank.
It was then up to our lead dyer Brie Dohm to bring our art to life. This dye would run her through the full gamut of her abilities. Intricate fades, meticulous sticker work, and proper layering techniques challenged her to make this even possible.
You can see here in this up close pic how much detail was put into making the top of the head look like the Ribbon from the Tank.
The sides of the head we isolated the token sayings that are on the Pabst Can and took it upon ourselves to swag it up a bit for Chee. This side shows The Original Lax Blue Ribbon Chee.
This side says Selected as America’s Best in 2013 since Stylin’ Strings and Chee Clothing plan to do big things next year.
Tyler Bortner, one of the SSLAX String Crew, was left to choose the pocket colors with me. His insight and experience made him lean towards the side of simplicity while letting the shooters amplify the dye colors. He convinced me to let him weave a blue/white and a red /white Angled Dot Shooter.
The last picture here we had to incorporate the best saying on the can. On the scoop I used another play on words. Natures Choicest Threads Provide Its Prized Flavor.

To enter to win the Stylin’ Strings Lax custom dyed/strung STX Proton U head and a free Chee tank go to Chee Lacrosse’s website to enter.

Winner will be announced here:
To see more sick photos of the dye and see if you have won the contest check out the Stylin Strings Facebook page on the 19th,

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