GoPro Drone Will Take Your Game To New Heights


February 5, 2013

Usually, these Orwellian gadgets scare the living daylights out of me. We’ve got enough cameras following us on a daily basis. However, this GoPro Drone really gets me excited! The GoPro helmet cams have really elevated the creative coverage of club games in the Summer and I believe the Lehmann Aviation GoPro Drone will take the game to new heights. The LA100 is the world’s first aircraft designed for the users with no piloting background. It is a fully autonomous UAV (drone). Just connect the battery, launch it, and it will come back to you after 5 minutes of flight.

LFPV in action from Lehmann Aviation on Vimeo.

Imagine the aerial view from the Hawaii Lacrosse Invitational. That would be epic! Click here for more info.

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