Greetings From Jovi Nation

Jovan Miller and The Jovi Nation are back in the builiding!!!!

First, I just want to say thank you to Lacrosse Playground for giving me another opportunity to say my piece on a lot of different issues. This summer has been, by far, the best Summer of my life because I had the opportunity to do two things I love to do: Travel and Teach Lax.

On June 2nd I flew to Atlanta, Georgia, where I spent about 20 days with Liam Banks and his LB3 program there. During my visit we drove to Charlotte, NC, Boca Raton, FL, and Jacksonville, FL. After the Wounded Warrior tournament in Jacksonville, I flew to Detroit, MI, to visit one my best friends, Patrick Nemes and his family.

Patrick is a 3rd Team All-American for the Michigan State Lacrosse team and his brother Chris Nemes starts for Detroit Mercy. While I was in Detroit I worked the Catholic Central Lacrosse Camp where I had the opportunity to watch some “Midwest Ballers” go at it. I must say I probably had my best time there; well that’s until I flew to Vail, Colorado, shortly after to play with John Gagliardi’s Maverick Elite Team.

If you’ve never been there, I encourage you to go. There is nothing like playing lax with amazing talent and an even better view. Mountains all around you, and you’re starting Midfield line is you, Shamel Bratton and Sean Lindsay. After Vail, I finally got to fly back to THE CUSE and see my parents. That time was brief since I went to LeMoyne Camp where “The Jovi Nation” was born just a year ago. About 8 days later I went to Strong Island to coach the Pat Perritt Elite Lacrosse Camp with Joel White and Adam Vogl. Sachem East has a lot of trash talkers, I enjoyed their spunk. After the last day of camp we left that night for Syracuse Lax camp where I had a blast with my “Cortland Red Dragons” team. Although we lost in the championship the kids still enjoyed themselves. Here is some of the footage from that camp.

After SU Camp, the lax-a-polooza was officially over, but it didn’t mean I was done playing myself. August 6th- August 8th I went to Lake Placid for one of the most publicized lax tourneys of the summer. Once again my team was loaded with the likes of Joe Walters, Kyle Harrison, Kenny Nims, Kevin Dougherty, Jake Plunkett, and Joel White just to name a few. Placid was a great time but boy was I tired. It’s been a while since I have had to run that much lol.

I received a request from some kids in Hamburg, NY (west of Buffalo) to ask if I would come visit. I drove 2 and a half hours to meet these kids and stayed for 2 days (Special shout out to Josh Gibson and Luke Shafer). Two days after I got back to Syracuse, I left to visit another Jovi Nation faithful in Hillsborough, NJ (Shout to Jared Siegel). Jared and his family took me to NYC and I had a great time being back in the city. This has been a crazy summer and a great experience for me. I encourage all of you Jovi Nation supporters to send me an invitation to your town because I am more than willing to watch laxers all over the country. Follow me on Twitter at JovanMiller232 or on facebook.

Thank you for your time,

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