Groundhog's Day Weather Prediction, 10 Tips for February


February 2, 2010

The groundhog seeing its shadow hit you hard. We know. Here are ten tips to survive the next six weeks on the lacrosse field in no particular order.

* Cover your the earholes on your helmet with tape. The point of this is to partially eliminate cold wind from burning your ears.

*New season usually means new gloves, so don’t be an ignoramus and pour water on your gloves right before you step on the field. It’s winter, i.e. your gloves will freeze (including your hands). Break them in the right way.

*Take a cue from the above step and don’t pour water on your pocket before stepping on the field. Break your mesh in like this.

*The winter time means you’re more than likely going to wear a lot of heavy clothes to keep you warm. This particularly hurts if you’re trying out for a team because you lack movement in your arms. Man up and consider playing without your shoulder pads.

*Keep your stick in a warm place.

*Don’t leave your pads on your stick in your locker or leaning against a corner in your room. Your head will become crooked and your pads won’t air out. Take care of your stick.

*Always have a backup ready. You never know when Joe Cinosky might show up and ding dong your shaft in two.

*Cover your head when you go outside. Using a plastic grocery bag helps, but you can also try the Head-Case.

*After a cold, wet practice or game place newspaper in your cleats and shoes to absorb the moisture to avoid wet kicks your next time out.

*Wear latex gloves under your lax gloves! Stop asking yourself, “Why would I want to wear latex gloves.” They keep your hands warm.

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