HeadWrapz Cares: Rebuild Japan Relief Wrap

By now everyone should know HeadWrapz as the company who can take your thoughts and dreams and make them a reality for your lacrosse helmet.  Whether it’s a club team, backyard past-time, or a professional team, HeadWrapz has the capability, and has shown already, to make anything and everything possible for anyone who has a set goal in their mind for what they want accomplished.  Nevertheless, this wrap is unique in the sense it has everything to do with the relief effort in Japan.  A couple weeks ago I posted a blog about the T-Shirt that Joe Allen, a ridiculously talented guy, created that would benefit the individuals affected over in Japan, and while talking with both Joe and Ron Sterling on the phone, I grew more and more impressed with just how involved this company is with not just their product, but the world around them.  In fact, this wrap is nothing short of amazing, if I say so myself because it involves everything that was on the shirt, and yet has it’s own personality that would allow any individual to enjoy wearing it to show their support for what has happened.

Many times in our lives we sit in classrooms and read books about past history about amazing events that has happened, but this event has happened now, and HeadWrapz is taking action to ensure our friends and family are taken care of, and we, Joe, Ron, and I, have already been taken back by the amount of support that has been shown just on the Facebook page, and the little comments with the show of support from various people; it doesn’t go unnoticed!  Now, I won’t keep you waiting, as the real fun begins with the remaining pictures, so please sit back and take it all in as this one-of-a-kind helmet will be taken with them to various events to be shown off to help raise awareness, and even Joe, the Checkmate Inn player that he is, might fine Watermelon smasher I must say, will be wearing it during a couple of his games as well to pass along the awareness as well.  Here are some more amazing angles of the Japan Relief HeadWrap:







As always, be sure to check out HeadWrapz website, and even their Facebook to take part in all the discussions and see the new and innovative designs they roll out with on the daily.  Moreover, if you want to get in touch with me about this article, or even about anything else, feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] or shoot me a message @TheRealHag

For the Japan Relief T-Shirts, and you know you want one as ALL the money generated goes to the efforts in Japan, yes, that’s 100% to AmeriCares and Food For The Hungry, make sure to check out HeadWrapz website as well as the shirt is only 22 dollars in the USA, and 32 for everywhere else.

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