HeadWrapz Gives St. Stephens High School (TX) A New Look

The St. Stephens High School lacrosse team has a nice, new, unique look going on right now around the Austin, Texas area, which I would have to believe is unlike any other.  HeadWrapz has helped out the high school and created a one-of-a-kind wrap for their helmets, which I am sure boosts their confidence ten-fold. Moreover, when anyone is in high school I can remember the biggest element of playing sports was the equipment itself, and once getting it, trying it on and running in it outside.  Nevertheless, the Spartans play against some of the best teams that Texas has to offer, so the new look will help intimidate the opposition.  Last year, the Spartans had a good amount of individuals who had post-season honors as they went 5-4 in their district and 10-8 overall against a tough schedule.  So far this year, with the loss of the leadership and some talent, the Spartans have struggled a bit by going 1-9 this season.  However, their toughest games are behind them, and I believe they can pull out a few wins with the new look.  Here are some more views that HeadWrapz has provided:

Nice Skills


Looking For An Opening


Nice Side View


Check Out That Confidence

Bottom Line

As always, HeadWrapz has made yet another quality product for a customer who is obviously ecstatic to show it off.  Make sure to not only head over to their website, but also check out their Facebook page to chat with Ron and Joe about anything, and even join in on the discussion they like to have randomly on any given day.  On a more serious note, the guys over at HeadWrapz also have a HW Cares – Rebuild Japan T-Shirt that’s on sale right now that is going to benefit the relief in Japan, so be sure to go and pick one up, as all of the money generated will go 100% to rebuilding Japan entirely.


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