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Founded by two brothers, Warner and Cole Jenkins, Shock-it Sports is dedicated to make life easier on the player with the Shock Pocket. The Shock Pocket is a pocket pounder that will shorten the length of time to break in and mold your pocket. The product features a stem attached to a ball on one side and a handle to grip on the other. You can also customize the Shock Pocket to practically any color combination you want.

Who is behind Shock-it?

My brother and I, Warner and Cole Jenkins started this company, Shock-it Sports. We have outside funding to build a broad base of products for a number of sports. We have started with lacrosse because we both have experience in the sport.

What made you want to make this product?

When I was in my garage and I just purchased a new head the pocket was completely flat. I was tired of beating up my hand with pounding the lacrosse ball with my hand. So I wondered what device I could use without killing my hands. I had used another product on the market before but it didn’t allow to get variation of grip and force for a better result, faster. We tested an early version of our concept with a number of players in a competitive league.

Did you come across any obstacles along the way in terms of manufacturing?

As with any new product manufacturing requires a number of different parts to come together to form the end product. In our case we had to identify suppliers that could provide quality material in a timely manner, without committing ourselves to significant levels of capitol.


Who will get the most use from this product? A certain age? Skill Level? Everyone?

The Shock Pocket is a lacrosse tool built for all ages of players because everyone needs a great pocket, even the experienced players. Those just starting out can really benefit from building a solid pocket early before the season starts to give themselves an advantage.

What’s next for your company?

We plan to expand the company and its product line into a variety of sports, hence Shock-it Sports. Given our early success we expect the product to be in high demand as lacrosse season starts.

Find more information on the Shock Pocket here.

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