Lacrosse Camps: Adrenaline Lacrosse Announces Overnight Goalie Camps at the University of San Diego

San Diego, CA – The second annual Adrenaline Overnight Goalie Camp is officially scheduled at the University of San Diego from June 17th-21st. Over the past 10 years numerous western goalies have enjoyed success playing NCAA and MCLA collegiate lacrosse. Many of these goalies were trained under the Adrenaline goalie programs. The Adrenaline Goalie Camp is directed by Notre Dame All-American and former MLL pro Alex Cade, and University of Maryland All-American and former MLL pro Danny McCormick.

“As former goaltenders this program has special significance for us. We take pride in this event and ensure quality by personally directing it. It’s been our goal for the past 10 years to develop western goalies in a way that will prepare them for the rigors of collegiate lacrosse” says Adrenaline Lacrosse president Alex Cade.

Prior to 2009 Adrenaline had individual goalie day camps in various cities all over the West. Last summer this model changed so that a more detailed, dynamic and intensive goalie program could be implemented creating well rounded, educated and skilled goalies.

“Previously we had great success developing collegiate goaltenders at our goalie day camps. As players got better and demand from outside areas raised, our staff suggested that in order to truly develop the western goaltenders we needed to implement an intensive program that you can only get through an overnight environment” Cade said.

The Adrenaline Goalie program utilizes a multi-faceted approach focusing on goaltending techniques, physical training, classroom education on offensive and defensive strategies and finally mental/psychological training. Adrenaline utilizes dynamic drills designed by a staff of experienced goaltenders that reinforce the education goalies receive on individual goaltending techniques. Goaltenders will also learn and practice various training drills specialized for the goaltending position that works the right muscles to optimize goaltending performance. Players have film sessions to critique and evaluate their techniques while also having the opportunity to watch successful collegiate goaltenders on film. Finally Adrenaline puts a strong emphasis on the mental aspects of the game. Classroom education includes understanding various offenses and how to counter them defensively. The Adrenaline Sports Psychologist PhD also takes the goalies through an educational and mental exercise program that will allow them to master the unique mental aspects of goaltending.

“The psychological training is something that I wish I had as a young goalie,” says Adrenaline goalie director Danny McCormick. “Our staff psychologist is top notch and really grasps the unique mental challenges of being a goaltender. We tell her to focus on performance enhancement and ignore the rest since typically we are loco.”

The Adrenaline Staff is almost entirely composed of goaltenders originally from the West who have or are currently played in the NCAA ranks.

“For me this is the best part about the program. Having the success stories come back to work with the younger goaltenders really brings things full circle for us. These guys have had great careers and are truly proud to have come from the West. This pride makes them excellent coaches for the younger goalies in the West.”

Head to Adrenaline Lacrosse for more info.

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