Lacrosse Superheroes Grace New York City Posters

When Jim Fenzel was a kid, he and his brother created their own collage posters with photos cut out of Lacrosse Magazine. Del Dressel, Brad Kotz, Tim Nelson were some of the guys glued to poster board on the walls of their base of lacrosse operations, their garage. In the spirit of kids who love the game, Fenzel wanted to create a lacrosse/superhero/New York City themed poster.

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Fenzel, who played at Ithaca High School and Georgetown University, ran the concept and sketch by Max Seibald. Fenzel had already done a painting titled: “Red/White Scrimmage” that featured Max, Eamon McEneaney, Tim Goldstein, Rob Pannell, Mitch Belisle, Mike French, George Bioardi and other Cornell lacrosse legends, spanning four decades, together on the same field.

From the outset, Max was willing to star as one of the ‘superheroes’. Since it was a New York City scene (57th and Fifth), we sought guys with a New York connection, and it was through Max that I invited Drew Adams, Greg Gurenlian, and Rob Pannell. Fortunately, they all enthusiastically jumped aboard and the concept had life. Now it just had to go from sketch to final art. – Jim Fenzel

This is a great poster not just because it shows four outstanding players in a cool NYC scene, but because these guys make it part of their mission to spread the game and to make young players better. They not only lead by example–training and practicing–, but with their instruction and knowledge.

Fenzel, who also has a Masters of Architecture from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, would go on to say:

Drew, Max, Rob, and Greg are perfect for this project. Not only do they all play for the NY Lizards, but they live in New York; they train in New York. They are four world class players; all four advancing in the Team USA tryouts. But beyond that, they all are ambassadors and teachers of the game.

Video displaying the detailed design process

All told, it’s a sweet city street scene–jumping taxis and buses with NikeTown and Tiffany & Co. in the background, a fun piece, which I will most certainly be proud to hang on my wall.

The poster is available at via Paypal or credit card. One poster is $16, but two are just $24 and 5 are only $40 (buy for you and your friends). In addition, for an extra fee, the poster is available autographed by all four players.

View more illustrations below:

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