Lacrosse Unlimited x Finisher Glove and F1 Handles


November 3, 2010

Lacrosse Playground caught up with Warrior Lacrosse Product Manager, Tom Burns, on some new “Exclusive” products hitting the shelves for Holiday 2010. The exclusive line, in partner with Lacrosse Unlimited, features the Finisher Glove and the F1 Handle. Tom filled us in on the concept behind the new products below.

The concept for the Finisher glove and F1 handles came from a Lacrosse Unlimited Dye Job that Rob Rimmer was doing over at Lacrosse Unlimited. Rimmer is literally the best in the industry at stick dying and we really looked to his designs for inspiration on the product. We tried 3 or 4 different head dye designs on the gloves but the guys over at Lacrosse Unlimited ultimately landed on the checker design for the final look of the product.

The handle design flowed from there – it actually has a 3D raised grip on each of the square checkers so the grip fades as you progress up the handle. Stephen Berger was a recent acquisition for the Warrior Players Club and he has been wearing the new Finisher Gloves and using the F1 handle in the USA scrimmage vs. Harvard and out at the Hawaii Invitational. The product looks unbelievable on the field, there is nothing else really like it in terms of a glove design that ties into both a shaft and head dye design. This Finisher product line is the ultimate in terms of custom equipment.

The Finisher Glove is available in Black, Forest, Maroon, Navy, Orange, Red and Royal. Contact Lacrosse Unlimited team sales for more information.

The F1 Handle comes in Carolina, Red, Navy, Black and Gun Metal.

AVAILABLE: HOLIDAY 2010, exclusively at Lacrosse Unlimited

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