Lavin Lacrosse to Carry the Epoch Lacrosse Line of Shafts Beginning January 1, 2012


January 2, 2012

Lavin Lacrosse is now a certified distributor of the new Epoch Lacrosse line of mens and womens lacrosse shafts beginning January 1, 2012. Epoch Lacrosse is new to the lacrosse market with a specially engineered carbon composite lacrosse shaft designed with the help of True Temper Engineering.

Bloomington, MN — Lavin Lacrosse is proud to announce the addition of the Epoch Lacrosse line of mens and womens lacrosse shafts to their retail and online stores beginning January 1, 2012.

Epoch Lacrosse enters the lacrosse market with a newly engineered lacrosse shaft made of carbon composite that are manufactured differently to give lacrosse players the strength of composite with the feel and weight of your traditional metal shafts.

Their new line includes shafts for both men and women and for all positions including defensemen and goalies.

Having had a relationship with the owners of Epoch Lacrosse for some time, those at Lavin Lacrosse are excited about the new relationship. “Having worked with the people of Epoch over the years, I know their dedication to quality and their love of lacrosse. We couldn’t be happier to bring the Epoch line into the store,” said Lavin Lacrosse owner Jesse Schelitzche.

The entire line will be available for resale January 1, 2012 in store and online.

Lavin Lacrosse is a specialty lacrosse retail store located in Rosemount, Minnesota. They are product and playing professionals with decades of lacrosse experience. In addition to the retail and online stores, they conduct lacrosse camps and coach select teams for both boys and girls in the Minnesota area.

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