Lax Bros in Training

Disclaimer: We don’t condone underage drinking or excessive drinking. Be a good person.

The Lax Bro craze will not cease and I dig it. You’re a hater if you don’t like the way people express themselves. The MCMLaxBros are a prime example of Brodom. In the video I’ve kindly included, two Bros take their training to a new level by attempting to act like the big boys by doing a hybrid version of a bat race.

If you have to ask what a bat race is, then you can’t afford it. Jokes all around. A bat race entails chugging an adult beverage – in this case an Arnold Palmer – placing your head on a bat and spinning an odd number of times before running to tag a teammate to complete the relay race.

Here is how the MCMLaxBros described their Bro-Ritual.

we fill our lax stick with palmer, chug it, spin around 20 times, then shoot…mitchell almost threw up a rust chunk hahah and i let go of my stick due to slipperyness

Take a look at what the young Bros are wearing. One’s wearing “Rip The Duck” shorts with an LA Dodgers cap, while the other is donning University of Virginia shorts. Both get a slow-clap for their mid-calf performance. Well done, fellas!


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