Lax Wax Partners With Supplier Of Strings Jimalax

HAMPTON, NH, FEBRUARY 24, 2014 — Lax Wax, LLC ( makers of the patent pending waterproofing tack agent and conditioning solution for lacrosse pockets, announced today that Jimalax, the worlds largest mesh and stringing supplier for retail stores and stringers world wide, have partnered to offer Lax Wax to lacrosse enthusiasts, stringers and retailers.

JIMALAX, based in Chandler Arizona, manufacturers its own mesh and stringing supplies that is distributed throughout the US and international. Jimalax produces everything from soft to hard mesh, JimaWax (wax infused mesh) to their newest MONEY Mesh (synthetic blend) in every color combination and pattern possible.

“We are stoked to be partnering with such a dominant supplier and icon in the lacrosse world like Jimalax. Owning the bulk of the marketplace in the stringing segment, partnering with Jimalax was a no brainer.” said Jon Gozzo, founder of Lax Wax. “This partnership helps bring Lax Wax that much closer to the stringers, the players and retailers, by giving them another tool for their arsenal and help them increase the longevity of their pockets.”

Jimalax was founded in 2000 in upstate New York and in 2007 moved their manufacturing facility and headquarters to Arizona.

“Jimalax and Lax Wax go together like peanut butter and jelly,” said Alex Van Loon, president of Jimalax. “As the game evolves towards more sophisticated pockets that require a ton of time and money to string up, an affordable, unique product like Lax Wax is a godsend to the modern game. The pocket is a finely-tuned machine, and like any intricate machine, needs to be maintained. Lax Wax is the tool the player needs to maintain their pocket at peak playing condition.”

For more information about Lax Wax & Jimalax or to purchase product from partners throughout the country, visit & Follow @lacrossewax @jimalaxhq on Twitter or Instagram for product specials and giveaways

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