Lax World Announces Catalog of College Lacrosse Apparel

Lax World, the authority in retail lacrosse equipment & apparel, announces their online catalog of college lacrosse gear featuring schools from this year’s NCAA Lacrosse Tournament.

Beginning June 1, Lax World will begin offering Loyola University National Championship T-Shirts, in honor of the schools first NCAA title.

In addition, Lax World’s catalog will continue to feature lacrosse apparel donning the colors of schools from across the country including NCAA tournament qualifiers North Carolina, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Syracuse, Virginia and national runner-ups Maryland Lacrosse.

The Baltimore-based retailer with 12 stores in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Colorado and Virginia offers a vast collection of lacrosse apparel. Their online catalog includes the same lines of shorts, hats, sweatshirts, ties and T-shirts found in stores.

The world’s largest specialty Lacrosse store, Lax World has equipped individuals and teams in one of the fastest growing sports on the youth, prep, college, and professional levels.

Aside from college team gear, Lax World’s collection of lacrosse apparel continues to boast popular trends in lacrosse culture off the field, as well as on the field. Growing popularity in their line of Rasta Lacrosse Gear and Natty Boh lacrosse gear has inspired lines of shirts, shoes, socks and accessories from some of the same popular Lax World manufacturers who outfit the teams young fans have adored for years.
Lax World’s online catalog also includes old favorites like team gear from Nike Lacrosse, lacrosse socks from Adrenaline and lacrosse shorts from Dynamic and Fit 2 Win.

About Lax World:
Lax World is the largest Lacrosse Specialty store on the planet. Since 1998, Lax World boasts the world’s largest collection of lacrosse shafts, heads, helmets, shoes, shoulder pads, arm guards, gloves & more.
Lax World equipment bears the names of trusted manufacturers like Warrior, Brine, STX, Cascade, Maverik, Nike, Under Armour and many more – including their own collection of Lax World products.

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