MADLAX Dye Job Order

I recently was contacted by Madlax to produce a number of heads for them to sell in each of their locations. They sent me a variety of top end heads from Super Power’s, Clutch’s, to Maverik Rize’s, to Warrior Evo’s. Here is the end result after less than three weeks.

The first aspect of all these was cutting out each of the Madlax text and my logo and placing them on the heads. From here I discussed with the owner, Cabell Maddux, the colors he would like to see and I went to work.
The first head I completed was the mini pinstripe pattern in Red and Black. The hardest part of this was placing each strip after the head was dyed Red with approximately equal distance between each.

The second head was the tile pattern in the Royal Blue and Black. Since the colors were dark I did a considerable amount more of the head with the pattern to really get as much out of it as possible.

Third came the tribal pattern in the Lime Green and Navy. This one I also covered more of the head to really help the Lime pop on the Navy.

The fourth in the line was the White out pattern which I believe really pops in the Royal Blue and the Orange. The trickiest part of this head was making sure no dye got underneath or the effect would have been lost. I also had to cover the inside with the head and then cut out the Madlax in order to have that portion colored.

The final head in the group is probably my favorite with the Baby Blue and Royal Blue Plaid pattern. This one is not all that tricky and if you choose good colors and take your time it always comes out looking great.

I will be providing more detailed write ups on the process for each one of these soon. If you have questions email me at [email protected] or follow me on twitter @49KingDyes.

Matt Hickman graduated from Georgetown Prep (’04) and then went on to star at Salisbury University (’08). He now runs King Dyes while also working for Performance Lacrosse Training in Bethesda, Md.

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