Major League Lacrosse announces partnerships with mesh and string and dye specialists

BOSTON (Feb. 10, 2014)– Major League Lacrosse, the premier professional outdoor lacrosse league, announced today that it has partnered with some of the industry’s hottest mesh providers as well as a leader in pocket stringing and head dying.

The new partnerships with Jimalax, StringKing Lacrosse, East Coast Dyes and Stylin’ Strings gives MLL players access to some of the highest-grade and most creative mesh and string kits on the market. All companies offer a variety of meshes and strings in a variety of colors and materials, including waxed and rubberized. Stylin’ Strings provides expert stringing service and will also launch a full line of licensed MLL branded custom stick heads featuring MLL and MLL team dye designs.

“We are pleased to partner with such committed organizations,” said MLL Commissioner David Gross. “These partnerships will ensure that our players will be able to choose the best equipment and accessories available to them.”

Jimalax, a premier supplier of lacrosse mesh and stringing accessories, helps players customize and optimize the look of their pocket in a variety of colors for both mesh and strings, no matter what position they play.

“Jimalax is very excited to partner with the MLL,” said Jimalax president Alex Van Loon. “We feel our mesh is the best, and our new partnership with the MLL allows us to get our mesh into the hands of some of the best players in the game today. We can’t wait to see how our mesh enhances the pro game, and are excited to incorporate pro-level feedback into our future design processes.”

East Coast Dyes, especially known for their high-quality waterproof mesh, will provide players who prefer a hard mesh an exceptionally functional, tough, element-proof pocket.

“We are very excited to partner with the MLL for the 2014 season,” said East Coast Dyes Founder and CEO Greg Kenneally. “It is a great opportunity for us to get our product into the hands of the most elite lacrosse players in the world. The MLL is a terrific organization with a great reputation and we are proud to be a partner.”

Looking for ultimate consistency in your pocket? StringKing developed a non-nylon, non-waxed treated performance mesh that will never change how it feels or performs. Every piece of mesh strings exactly the same and performance pockets can be easily replicated through uSTRING on their website.

“The team at StringKing is thrilled to officially partner with Major League Lacrosse,” said Jake McCampbell of String King Lacrosse. “It’s an incredible opportunity for our brand and we’re excited to see our sponsored pros showcase the best pockets in lacrosse.”

Stylin’ Strings allows players to customize their pockets and head dye jobs. Their Pocket & Dye Builder allows customers to see a personalized head before even placing their order. Most known for their contract with UVA, Stylin’ Strings provides anything a player could possibly need for their head including stringing with all the mesh partners’ products.

“We are very excited to be partnering with the MLL as “Official Stringers & Dye Artists” of Major League Lacrosse,” said Dustin Dohm, Stylin’ Strings Owner and Creative Director. “In our 13th year in the industry it is nice to see how a once underground niche of the sport can now come to the surface. This will help push the game socially in a form of self-expressed art similar to skateboarding. Now players & consumers will be able to rep their team designed heads & personally developed pockets. Awesome”

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