Maverik releases new stick and head: The Bazooka and the Vision


Above: The Maverik Vision Head

Maverik lacrosse is releasing a new lacrosse head called the Vision and a new beginner stick called the Bazooka. Below is text from the press release Maverik sent out about the product.

Maverik Lacrosse and its “Soldiers” have been hard at work and have created the company’s first complete stick for beginning players, the “BAZOOKA,” and a new lightweight and well-balanced high performance head for the advanced player called the “VISION.” The “BAZOOKA” and the “VISION” both use Maverik’s proprietary MO-CONTROL sidewall design, which gives players better ball control and make it easier to catch and make passes.

“Most beginner sticks come strung like tennis rackets and make it difficult for someone eager to learn our sport,” said John Gagliardi, founder and President of Maverik Lacrosse LLC. “We all agreed that it was time we created a stick that would encourage kids to play lacrosse rather than walk away.”

The “VISION” head design, is the result of Maverik’s “SOLDIERS” dream to create the ultimate lacrosse head. Maverik designed the “VISION” with a rounded scoop for vacuuming up ground balls, throwing pinpoint passes and ripping off laser guided shots on goal. Stringers will also appreciate the “VISION’s” multiple sidewalls, giving them unlimited stringing options.

“We are always tweaking and designing new products,” added Gagliardi, “because we would never sell any products that we would not use ourselves.”

Also of note, both the “BAZOOKA” stick and the “VISION” head meet all of the new for 2010 NCAA rules.

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