Medicine Man Lacrosse Apparel


July 4, 2012

Medicine Man Lacrosse is a new brand of lacrosse apparel for the everyday laxers that want to express their passion for the game, represent their identity to the world and connect to the lacrosse culture wherever and whenever they go.

Medicine Man Lacrosse strives to accurately represent lacrosse players and the significance of the sport in player’s lives. Medicine Man Lacrosse designs embody a unique point of view that encompasses the subtle intricacies of the game, the spirit and nature from its early beginnings and the passion of those who dedicate themselves to the game and those who continue to nurture participation in their communities.

An illustrative depiction of the Medicine Man atop the cliff’s edge, this design captures the essence of “The Creators Game”. Delivered down from the heavens and given to the Native Americans as a gift from “The Creator”, lacrosse was played as a spiritual tribulation to life as well as a sacred form of healing. At the forefront of this tribulation was the Medicine Man who organized the games and continued the tradition that allowed the sport to expand to the present day.

Believing that lacrosse is the future, Medicine Man Lacrosse aims to expand and elevate the game through the sale of lacrosse clothing. A key component to the brand identity, Medicine Man Lacrosse will be donating 15% of every sale to Native American reservations and underprivileged communities to start lacrosse programs. Transitioning high-quality apparel as a means for the everyday laxers to express their passion for the game, Medicine Man Lacrosse is creating a culture dedicated to the overall health and well-being of the sport.

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