Meet The Salt Shakerz Lacrosse Club

The club is a post collegiate traveling team originating out of the New York City metro-area. The Shakerz came together in the fall in 2008 when CJ Greene (Villanova University 00′) and co. began talking about putting a competitive team together of “good guys” both on and off the field in the New York area. As is usually the case with CJ, he took the initiative to put the thing together and has been running the show as ‘Top Cheese’ ever since.

The name ‘Salt Shakerz” is derived from the expression; ‘Pass the Salt’—or in Lax vernacular, ‘keep it hot,’ ‘Spin it,’ or ‘one more’. The Moniker pays homage to what the club likes to embody: unselfish and tasty play.

It goes without saying that people like to lax with guys they get along with, and that has been the goal of the team since day one. Obviously everyone wants to win, but for this group, no one player has been bigger than the team. That being said, the club still puts together a talented squad. The Salt Shakerz are composed of almost 200 players, including current and former MLL, NLL, and LXM Pro Players-all the way to college club and MCLA guys. Although it was USLIA when a few played, right after. The Shakerz rotate playing in the various tournaments based on the event and geography (kinda tough for Ariz and Cali members to play in Placid).

So where have they played and how have they done?

– 2009 Laxtoberfest-Annapolis. (2-2, lost in playoffs)

– 2010 Randall’s Island Tournament-NYC (Champions)

– 2010 Ocean City Lax Classic (2-2 losing to eventual champs Jack Lingo)

– 2010 Bump n Grind (3-0 losing during pool play, lost to eventual champs Stickhead Pro in the playoffs. Finished 3rd)

The club has also recently benefited greatly from CJ’s tireless networking (aka quest for the illest gear) and has created some nice relationships with both some big and small companies in and around the lacrosse community. (a Big thank you to Head Case Lacrosse, Gait Lacrosse, New Balance and the various custom apparel outfitters who have helped with building the brand)

Like most Lax bros, the Shakerz are all about the Pink… You may have seen the flash of pink Cascade CPXs and Brine King 2 gloves popping up in the last 6 months… that’s them. No, they didn’t rip off Team Hobbit… Pink has been the international symbol for breast cancer awareness for many years, and unfortunately breast cancer has been an issue for some in the Shakerz community, and they hope that the brand and the sick looking gear continues to bring awareness to the cause and finding a cure. Not to mention, pink is just cool and seems to look good on lax jerseys.

The Shakerz play year round, with the next stop being Laxtoberfest in Annapolis Maryland on October 2nd. The Shakerz will finish out 2010 by making their first appearance at Laxvegas on November 12th. For more information about the club and to learn about future events, please email [email protected] or find the Shakerz on Facebook; keyword search Salt Shakerz.

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