Men’s UA Charged Cotton Storm Full Zip Hoody Tops by Under Armour

Thick, smooth fleece for extra warmth. All-weather, water-resistant finish. Washed for a ridiculously soft, natural feel. Ribbed cuffs and front pocket for extra stretch. Printed hood liner for some swagger. Paul Rabil was seen wearing it in “Stick To It”. Available at

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  1. Dadblondino on September 19, 2011 at 6:11 pm

    Under Armour has been contracting manufacturers, mostly in Peru, but also a small quantity has been produced in Bolivia. They use the TransDRY(R) technology developed by Cotton Inc. which very effectively wicks moisture and helps it evaporate more quickly. I would encourage anyone who is interested to check out

    and the subsequent pages. This is a very effective technology but is also very dependent that the fabric is made correctly, in the factory. Unfortunately, Under Armour does a poor job of enforce its products’ performance standards and though most of their South American suppliers do a very good job of producing this technology, one or two do not. To make matters worse, Under Armour is in the process of moving all its South American production to Asia. The Charged Cotton program is going to Pakistan, where there is even less control for product performance.

    If you really want a Charged Cotton product, you should insist on testing it, in the store, before you purchase. Luckly, this is easy. A drop of water should produce a matrix look, as half the yarns are treated to be hydrophobic and the other half are left naturally hydrophilic. How effective the TransDRY(R) treatment is can be gauged by what we call the fried egg effect. Where the drop of water first touches the fabric will remain wetter than where the water spreads and this looks like a fried egg with the yoke being the wet center. The smaller the yoke is, in comparison to the white of the egg, the more effective the TransDRY(R) treatement.

    If Under Armour won’t take the measures to insure you’re getting what you pay for, and you really want the UA logo, at least test the product and be willing to tell the retail store that your not willing to be scammed.

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