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Moment of the Decade: The Lyle Thompson era arrives

Lyle Thompson took pro lacrosse by storm immediately when he entered the NLL.

To recap a monumental decade of pro lacrosse, Pro Lacrosse Talk enlisted members of the lacrosse community to recount the top moments in pro lacrosse from 2010 to 2019. This article was published as part of the “Top Pro Lacrosse Moments of the Decade” series.

When Lyle Thompson was drafted first overall to the Georgia Swarm in 2015, there was no doubt he would be an NLL superstar. We just didn’t know how soon.

Named rookie of the year in 2016, Lyle was the NLL MVP by 2017 in just his second season, leading the league with 116 points. He was the fastest player in league history to be named MVP. He also led the Swarm to their first-ever NLL Championship in 2017. Since then he put up two more 40 goal seasons and has averaged 5.1 points per game in his career.

Numbers aside, the minute Lyle arrived, he became the face of a league who has always been looking for a star that transcends the sport. Lyle is that star. In addition to his dazzling offensive creativity, it’s Lyle’s worth ethic and dedication off the floor that sets him apart from the rest. Loose balls, fore-checking, getting back on defense — he’s the absolute embodiment of everything the creator’s game represents.

Lyle Thompson is the best player on the planet and is inspiring an entire generation to pick up the sport. He is the most important player to ever enter the NLL and we are lucky to be witnessing the Lyle Thompson era in real-time. 

To hear from Lyle Thompson himself, listen to Pro Lacrosse Talk’s interview with the Georgia Swarm and Chesapeake Bayhawks star.

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