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Moment of the Decade: WPLL and Team USA experiment with international rules

In 2019 members of the WPLL faced Team USA in an exhibition game using new international rules.

To recap a monumental decade of pro lacrosse, Pro Lacrosse Talk enlisted members of the lacrosse community to recount the top moments in pro lacrosse from 2010 to 2019. This article was published as part of the “Top Pro Lacrosse Moments of the Decade” series.

The moment that really made an indelible impression on me this decade actually occurred this past November during the WPLL vs Team USA women’s exhibition game at the IWCLA President’s Cup in West Palm Beach, FL. You want to see a community of fans, pro players and coaches come together because of this great sport? You should have been on that sideline.

The energy was contagious and the lacrosse skill was unreal. Not only did you have some of the top pro and international players in the world competing, but there wasn’t an empty seat in the house. Every facet of the women’s game was represented: the top college coaches in the nation, girls club teams, women’s pro teams and the U.S. national team.

The skill, finesse and pure athleticism that was showcased during the game was unmatched. Every shot was SportsCenter Top 10 worthy. Every player on that field was and is an all-star. Hannah Nielsen, who plays for the WPLL Fire, played unbelievably. Not only did she amass a dozen assists, but her ability to fake out every goalie made her the biggest threat.  Her shots displayed incredible power, explosive fakes and expert lacrosse IQ. You could hear the crowd go wild after each and every one of her goals.

And that crowd mind you, was full of our next generation of lacrosse players. The next generation of players who will hopefully represent their country in the Olympics one day soon.

If you’re a skeptic who thinks the women’s game isn’t near as exciting or fast-paced as the men’s game, it’s time to evolve. As Dana Dobbie so eloquently said, “the fastest game on two feet- just got faster.”

Hands down, that’s the moment of the decade for me.

To hear more about World Lacrosse’s mission and their plans for the future of international lacrosse, listen to Pro Lacrosse Talk’s interview with Dana Dobbie, WPLL all-star and member of the World Lacrosse Athletes Commission.

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