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NanoLAX is a new lacrosse company that is focused on producing highly advanced products to enhance your game. Based on Long Island, NY they understand lacrosse and the player’s need for innovation and quality. We were able to catch up with them and asked a few questions about what sets them apart from other companies.

What/who is NanoLAX?
With the incorporation of nanotechnology and the latest design trends, we are able to introduce various new products to the lacrosse community. Our objective is to develop lacrosse products with improved style and performance on the field. We invite you to check out our products, all there to help improve your game and give you the competitive edge.

How long has NanoLAX been in existence?
We have been around for 1 year and are starting to sell to many high school/college programs.

What does your company provide that no other lacrosse company can?
Our company provides innovation with practicality. You don’t need all these fancy, crazy named shafts or gloves made out of special fabric. Lacrosse players want to keep it simple but still have an edge. We provide the technology to keep water off your gloves and mesh without changing the mesh and messing it up like marc mesh etc. Its nanotechnology in the works and you cant notice any changes to your equipment until you play in the rain. No more rain sticks or bad passes or bad grip.

What exactly is NanoSpray?
NanoSpray is a solution that is applied to lacrosse mesh, gloves and other athletic fabrics. It uses nanoparticles to form a breathable and waterproof barrier on any surface. The difference is that NanoSpray works on the nanoscale to form its water resistant shield. This means that it doesn’t change the characteristics of the mesh or fabric and is invisible to the eye.

What has lacrosse been missing from the perspective of a new company like NanoLAX?
Lacrosse has been missing NanoLAX and our innovation. Everyone’s making cool new stuff, but no other company is getting back to the basics.

What’s next for NanoLAX?
In the following months NanoLAX will be making the lightest/strongest shaft ever made. With a few design changes and material choices it will happen and it will be ours! It will be in the price range of $90-120 yet we promise it will be the lightest and strongest made out of a nanocomposite material.

Where can our readers purchase your products?
You can purchase NanoSpray as well as other products at

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