New Balance releases new 841 training shoe specific to lacrosse players, other athletes

New Balance has released its new MX841 training shoe, a shoe that was specifically designed with athletes in mind and especially targets the needs of lacrosse players. The design and development of the shoe takes into account the way that lacrosse athletes move and perform to provide a training shoe that is more targeted towards athletes in many team sports than a traditional cross-trainer.

There are a few things that make this shoe stand out from some other training shoes. Two of the things you’ll notice are the support and the fit.

Since the New Balance 841 training shoe was created with athletes in mind, New Balance wanted a shoe that could support an athlete’s motion. A typical running shoe lends its support to a running motion, which means a heel-to-toe linear motion. The problem with that for an athlete training for a sport like lacrosse is that it goes against the lax player’s typical motion. On the field we are always on the balls of our feet and often moving laterally. Training in a shoe designed for a linear forward motion isn’t mimicking the lacrosse athlete’s movement. Also, the support in a traditional training shoe lies mainly in the heel, the wrong part of the foot for a lacrosse athlete.

As a result, New Balance implemented several things to give greater support and comfort to an athlete training for a sport like lacrosse. They put their N-ERGY cushioning, often found in the heel of shoes, in the front of the shoe, too.

Also specifically designed for the athlete was the shoe’s outsole, which features a multi-directional herringbone pattern instead of a pattern that runs from front to back. This creates the support and traction for a variety of motions (like side-to-side) instead of just a linear motion like is found in many running shoes.

New Balance also took steps to shore up areas of the shoe that might wear down first in lacrosse players and added additional support with New Balance’s LockDown Liner, which gives the shoe a snug fit. Included in the 841 is New Balance’s Stability Web, which is in under the arch of the shoe and provides a light material that still provides stability. The shoe uses a lot of mesh, which keeps the 841 both breathable and lightweight.

Aesthetically, New Balance took the look of its cleat and carried it through to the training shoe, including the flying NB logo on the heel.

The New Balance 841 training shoe is available now, comes in regular and wide, and retails for $80. You can learn more about the shoe (or buy it) by going to New Balance’s Web site, (Note, you can find the black shoe here and the white shoe here).

Get a closer look at the New Balance 841 training shoe with the following videos below.

Up Close: New Balance 841 Black

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Up Close: New Balance 841 White

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