Performance-Enhancing Apparel Brand, 1st Round, Abandons Kickstarter for Indiegogo

On February 12, law enforcement officials contacted Kickstarter regarding hackers who gained unauthorized access to their customers’ data. Although credit card information was not compromised, other information, like usernames, email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers and encrypted passwords, was accessed by the hackers. Because of this recent security breach in Kickstarter’s system, project creators are now flocking to other crowdfunding platforms.

One of such is 1st Round, a new performance-enhancing athletic apparel line created by Teague Egan and Sterling Brewster, which will now launch on Indiegogo this coming Tuesday, February 25. Despite the fact that Kickstarter’s customers’ passwords were encrypted, Egan and Brewster are aware that hackers are capable of deciphering encrypted data.

“Given the fact that Kickstarter’s customer data was recently hacked, we just don’t feel comfortable asking our supporters to give any of their their information away to the platform,” says Teague Egan, co-founder and CEO of 1st Round Athletics. “It’s certainly unfortunate, but we have to put our supporters first. Without them, we have no campaign at all.”

1st Round uses a proprietary technology called EnergyDNA® to create a renewable energy resource for their users. Wearing 1st Round’s apparel, heat emitted from the body during a workout is recycled as energy that is then channeled back into the body, expanding the capillaries to allow for increased blood flow. More blood flow means more oxygen delivered to the muscles, which prevents the buildup of lactic acid. Fatigue is caused by lactic acid buildup, so by channeling more oxygen to the muscles, EnergyDNA® ultimately cuts down on fatigue.

After several clinical studies with their EnergyDNA® material, 1st Round has found that the amount of oxygen delivered to the muscles is increased by 7 to 12 percent for those wearing their apparel. Those who have tried and tested the new line include over 60 professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and Olympics. Both Jordan Campbell, linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, and Shawn Crawford, an Olympic gold medalist sprinter, are fully endorsed by the brand.

To learn more about 1st Round’s upcoming Indiegogo campaign launch for performance-enhancing athletic apparel, visit Those interested can also like 1st Round on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @1stRound to learn about the campaign’s launch and any additional updates.

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