Peyton Smith is a 2016 Faceoff player from North Carolina who plays for Athens Drive H.S. and Tar Heel Lacrosse

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1. What are you looking for in a college lacrosse program?

The thing I look for the most in a college lacrosse program is a program that will help me grow and develop into the best lacrosse player I can be. I look for a coaching staff that will work with me and push my limits so I can be a key factor in their programs success.

2. How do see yourself contributing to a college team?

I see myself contributing to a college team not just by winning faceoffs and running off the field, but by winning faceoffs and running right to the cage and being a momentum shifter and momentum starter for my team. I am a firm believer that being a “FOGO” will not get you a successful career in college lacrosse. I have to be able to generate points and opportunities and play good defense just as well as any other midfielder.

3. What is your greatest strength as a player?

I believe my greatest strength as a player is to be coachable. I will always take coaches advice and apply it to when I play in a game I am always looking for ways to improve myself. The smallest things can make a huge difference and I am always trying to improve the small things and I believe it shows in the way I play on the field.

4. My biggest lacrosse influences are my three faceoff coaches from the Faceoff Academy who have helped me to become the player I am today and have helped me tremendously throughout the recruiting process. They are Greg Gurenlian, Chris Mattes, and Jerry Ragonese.

5. My lacrosse goals for the 2015 season is too get stronger and help my team to be successful any way possible. I am also aiming to help my team win a conference championship this year.

6. My favorite professional sports team is the Carolina Panthers.

Greg Gurenlian of FOA described Peyton as “A coach’s dream. Obsessed with being great. Physically dominating with tremendous hand speed and now has an unlimited skill set. Technically sound at the face-off X but Athletic enough to play the field. Incredibly coachable and hard working.”

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