Playoff Seedings After Week 5

Last week, we posted these projections.

If the season ended today, Chaos would be out and Chrome…would have the first round bye. What a turnaround by that organization. Helps to start the season with Dylan Molloy and a healthy JT Giles Harris.

The first round match ups would be:

#2 Whipsnakes vs. #7 Cannons

#3 Atlas vs. #6 Redwoods

#4 Archers vs. #5 Waterdogs

We have some movement after this weekend’s slate of games.

Despite their victory over the Cannons, the Chaos are still in last place due to scoring differential. This means they are not eligible for the postseason.

The Atlas are the new owner’s of the bye thanks to their head to head win over the Chrome and the Whipsnakes’ loss to the Waterdogs.

The new playoff projections are as follows:

#2 Chrome vs. #7 Cannons

#3 Whipsnakes vs. #6 Redwoods

#4 Archers vs. #5 Waterdogs

The Chrome are the more complete team than the Cannons. Their turnaround has been remarkable. As mentioned above, Molloy and JT Giles Harris are instant upgrades from where this team was at the start of 2021. The Wisnauskas selection was initially met with criticism, but he’s been able to replicate his 2021 Maryland season, if not more so, with Molloy playing the role of Jared Bernhardt. Brendan Nichtern finally had a rookie moment game, failing to score less than two points for the first time last night, but has otherwise been a pivotal component of their three headed attackman monster. The Cannons don’t have the faceoff talent or offensive firepower to keep pace.

The Whipsnakes/Redwoods first round match up is far more interesting than last week’s projected Whipsnakes/Cannons game. For as much of an advantage as Nardella provides at the face off X, the Whips are only middle of the pack in terms of goals scored. Nardella was 48% in his first game against Ierlan but dominated the rematch winning 63%. Perhaps the Whips will be comfortable in a tight ball game. We are still waiting for a breakout performance from the Redwoods midfield. In a win or go home scenario, a hot shooting day for Sergio Perkovic combined with production from Myles Jones could be the difference to send the Woods through to the semifinals.

What do we make of the Waterdogs now? Two wins in a row without Dillon Ward at full strength. He didn’t play last week against the Chaos and they won. He started last night, posted a 67% save percentage, left the game early, and they won. Matt DeLuca only made 2 saves in relief. If it wasn’t for the missing sweatpants, you may have thought Ward was in net the entire game. Did you know DeLuca is 6’6″ and Ward is 6’5″? The Archers are not known for their defense. Brian Sowers is returning to his Princeton iteration and Kieran McArdle has 13 points in three games. With no clear faceoff advantage, the Waterdogs could come out on top after another slow start to their season. If this playoff game took place next weekend, would Grant Ament be ready to go?

Might have to start repeating Roman Roy GIFs at some point in the second half of the season.

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