PLL Recap Week 3: Redwoods

We previewed this game on Lacrosse Narrative Saturday afternoon.

And while, we did pick the Whips, we didn’t expect this bloodbath. Not after nearly every game this year has been decided by one goal.

Not going to be the typical Whipsnakes seasons without Nardella but this outfit is still perfectly suited to defeat the attack driven Woods. It could get dicey if someone other than Pannell is creating and producing for the Woods.

Myles Jones and Sergio Perkovic are very much struggling to find their game. Perhaps this match up settles them and they get their 2023 seasons started.

Unlike college football, the Whips have plenty of time to right the ship. How will they handle being in uncharted waters? Tucker Dordevic seems like the PLL is a dream fit for his game.

Pick: Whipsnakes

At this point in the season, four teams sit at 2-1 and the other four check in at 1-2.

The 1-2 contender? Whipsnakes.

The 2-1 pretender? Redwoods.

Both the victories were one goal games. A bounce the other way and the Woods could be 1-2 or 0-3.

If you asked the Woods at the start of the season if they’d be happy with Ryder Garnsey leading the team in points, what would the coaching staff say?

Is he the key to their offense? Do they want that?

Perhaps Charlie Bertrand is the straw for their drink. He’s been out due to injury. Fingers crossed he’s good to go this coming week in San Diego for the US.

The Redwoods were trailing 13-3 at halftime.

What’s worse for the Woods is that even a halftime reset and the inevitable pull of human nature, the Whips held them to just 2 goals in the 3rd quarter.

Mentioning 4th quarter offensive stats seems like a waste of time.

Some good news for the Redwoods is that TD Ierlan has improved each game. Is it fool’s good though? His best game game this weekend against rookie Pete LaSalla.

The World Games gives the side two weeks to regroup.

They’ll face the Chaos in Minneapolis on July 9th.

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