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PLL Trade Chaos: Recapping the days leading to the Myles Jones and Sergio Salcido trade

After a week of speculating and teasing, the biggest trade in the Premier Lacrosse League’s history has finally happened. Chaos LC has traded Myles Jones to Redwoods LC in exchange for Sergio Salcido and the Redwoods’ 2020 second round college draft pick (13th pick overall).

While many will debate endlessly about which team became better after making this trade, Pro Lacrosse Talk decided to take a look at the chaos that occurred in the days that led up to this monumental PLL deal.

February 17

The PLL trade window opens and the entire week passes with little noise or speculation save from some wild proposed deals from the Pro Lacrosse Talk team.

February 24

Paul Rabil teases some big PLL news, with some expecting a major trade announcement later in the week.

February 25

Myles Jones cryptically posts a photo of a bear on his Instagram story leading to rumors that he was headed to the Redwoods. The photo is taken down soon after, but not before speculation could begin.

This paired with Paul Rabil’s tweet from the day prior and several Redwoods players tweeting eyeball emojis enhanced the conversation.

Later that day an obscure twitter account named @FrikiTikiBarber tweeted out that the “Chaos were trading Myles Jones” for “Salcido and a Redwoods conditional 2nd round pick in the upcoming 2020 draft.” However, up until this point, no credible source could confirm the report.

February 26

The NHL trade deadline may have passed, but that didn’t stop former NHL player and Stanley Cup champion Mike Commodore (known for tweeting out big NHL trades) from tweeting out one more trade tweet — this time about the PLL.

Commie tweeted out that Myles Jones was indeed being traded to the Redwoods in exchange for Sergio Salcido, adding further fuel to the rumors.

While this wasn’t the first time in the past few months that a prominent former NHL player had crossed over into the lacrosse world (looking at you Paul Bissonnette), the news sent the lacrosse twitterverse into an even bigger frenzy.

The news was followed by a cryptic Myles Jones tweet and with still no official announcement from the PLL, many people continued to remain skeptical.

Yet the PLL continued to tease that a big announcement was looming, leading everyone to wonder if this trade could be the news they were getting ready to release.

February 27

The big PLL news ends up not being a trade at all, but an even bigger announcement about the league’s latest deal with Ticketmaster.

Yet, the trade rumors were not done yet and the biggest piece of evidence that Myles Jones would be traded from the Chaos to the Redwoods in exchange for Sergio Salcido was discovered by Pro Lacrosse Talk’s very own Adam Moore.

The PLL website listed both players on the opposite rosters, providing the best piece of evidence that the trade would become official. Soon after Adam Moore tweeted the news, the players reverted back to their original teams.

February 28

Speculation continued to loom while everyone awaited the news to become official.

February 29

The biggest trade in PLL history was made official as the PLL announced that the Redwoods acquired Myles Jones from the Chaos in exchange for Sergio Salcido and a second round pick in the 2020 college draft.

What are your thoughts on the social media chaos leading up to the big PLL trade? Comment below with your thoughts on the Myles Jones trade saga as well as what you think about the details of the trade itself.

Hutton Jackson is a professional video editor, co-founder/host of Pro Lacrosse Talk and editor-in-chief of Lacrosse Playground. He is also an Emmy-winning associate producer with two major sports networks and oversees Lacrosse Playground's video content as the head coordinating producer. Hutton played four years of college lacrosse at DeSales University where his highest lacrosse accolade was being named to Inside Lacrosse's 2014 All-Name Team with current pros Challen Rogers, Deemer Class and Larken Kemp, an honor that didn't require stepping on the field. When he's not writing on lacrosse, he can usually be found diving around the crease in your local men's league and ranting about Baltimore and D.C. professional sports.

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Sir Laxalot
Sir Laxalot
1 year ago

This trade is wild, but the buzz around it was even wilder!

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