PLL Week 11 Seattle Primer

The final week of regular season action arrives in Seattle this weekend. Questions abound.

The Whipsnakes have secured the first round bye. The Chaos are clinging to the last playoff spot. Drama will be eliminated if they can beat the reeling Atlas. Would the Whips be willing to throw the Cannons game to keep the Chaos out of the playoffs?

Can the Redwoods overcome an injury to Eddy Glazener? Will the Chrome solidify their position as the second best team in the league?

How do the Waterdogs respond after their win streak was snapped? Do the Archers get another monster game from Tom Schreiber?

Chrome vs. Redwoods

A hobbled Eddy Glazener is nightmare fuel ahead of their Chrome match up. Given the game day roster size, you can’t really afford to give someone a chance to test it out. Aren’t they better off resting him for the playoffs? TD Ierlan’s first half nightmare has long since ended. How much more can he improve upon his 7 of 18 performance against Connor Farrell back on June 10th? He won’t be that bad again but ultimately the Redwoods offense won’t have as many chances as they did last week against the Waterdogs. They won’t get another thirteen point combined performance from Rob Pannell and Ryder Garnsey. Mike Manley and JT Giles Harris will see to that. Did you forget the Chrome won the first match up 12-3? How much more chemistry has developed for the Chrome’s defense and offense since week two?

Pick: Chrome

Archers vs. Waterdogs

Pick: Most intriguing match up of the weekend. Tom Schreiber did whatever he wanted last weekend to carry the day for the Archers. Dillon Ward only made 8 saves at 36% and the Dogs’ winning streak was snapped. Are we getting big time performances from star players this weekend? Heart wants the Archers to continue to build momentum heading into the playoffs. Head doesn’t believe they have the defensive personnel to contain Sowers and McArdle. Will Manny and Marcus Holman have to chip in this week.

Pick: Waterdogs

Whipsnakes vs. Cannons

In a post game huddle, Coach Stagnitta suggested the Whips would be full tilt in their meaningless season finale. The argument being, if we take a game off in may impact our rhythm when we return from the bye week. However, this isn’t a group experiencing success for the first time. They know how to win. Why risk injury? If they dress their normal group, they could still give Bernlohr the game off and rotate bodies throughout the game specifically Nardella and Rambo. Imagine the pressure on the Chaos if the Whipsnakes go in the other direction and don’t dress their key starters. Those decisions are likely already made but the league has withheld game day rosters until very late. Here’s hoping the Whips take their foot off the gas against the desperate Cannons and the Atlas defeat the Chaos in the early game and the. Still, that might still be too much for Cannons. Enjoy watching Lyle play in his final PLL game of 2022.

Pick: Whipsnakes

Chaos vs. Atlas

Both teams need a win for different reasons. The Atlas have fallen from grace the last two weeks. The Chaos could lose their playoff invitation. The Scorpions are the more desperate outfit. Nothing about their performance the past two weeks suggests they can win this game. The offense has disappeared. Can’t point to anything other than their indoor guys running on fumes. They can’t win face offs. They will once again be at an athletic disadvantage in the middle third. The Atlas haven’t been much better stumbling over themselves against the Waterdogs before getting blitzed by the Whipsnakes. The Bulls no longer look like a championship contender but they have the pieces to defeat the Chaos and make them very uncomfortable for the rest of Sunday afternoon. Who covers Chris Gray?

Pick: Atlas

Week 1 Picks

Winners: Atlas, Whipsnakes, Chrome

Loser: Waterdogs

Week 2 Picks

Winners: Atlas, Whipsnakes

Losers: Redwoods, Chaos

Week 3 Picks

Winners: Chrome, Archers, Redwoods

Losers: Atlas

Week 4 Picks

Winners: Whipsnakes, Chrome, Atlas

Losers: Chaos

Week 5 Picks

Winners: Archers, Atlas, Chaos

Losers: Whipsnakes

Week 6 Picks

Winners: Whipsnakes, Archers

Losers: Atlas, Chrome

Week 7 All Star Break

Week 8 Picks

Winners: Atlas, Whipsnakes, Waterdogs, Chaos

Week 9 Picks

Winners: Redwoods, Whipsnakes

Losers: Chaos, Atlas

Week 10 Picks:

Winners: Chrome, Whipsnakes

Losers: Chaos, Waterdogs

Record: 24-12

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