PLL Week 2 Recap: Atlas

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We recapped the Friday Night games briefly on Saturday Morning Live.

Some further notes on the weekend in Charlotte.

For the second straight weekend, three games were decided by one goal and one game went into overtime.

Impressive work by Vegas.

Congratulations to Coach Pressler for earning his first PLL victory in dramatic fashion as the Bulls scored late to top the Whipsnakes 12-11. The Maryland Snakes have never started a season 0-2.

In the most Charles Dickens game of the weekend, the team scored 12 goals in the 1st quarter, then only 6 in the second half. Jeff Teat carried the torch for the second straight game finishing with 3 goals, 2 assists, and 4 shots.

The Whipsnakes were in unlimited one goal game last year relying on Joe Nardella to win faceoffs thus keeping the defense fresh and giving an offense that struggles to score goals extra chances. Kyle Bernlohr was locked in posting a 17 save 61% performance

But, Pete LaSalla was overwhelmed by Trevor Baptiste at the face off X. He only won 9 of 23 draws.

Initially, the Gavin Adler Zed Williams match up looked like a huge advantage for the Whipsnakes. Although he didn’t score on an opening dodge, Williams seemed to effortlessly get what he wanted.

The rookie is listed at 5’8″ 180lbs while Williams checks in at 6’2″ 230lbs. Perhaps, this was a case of Zed being unsure how to handle someone much smaller.

The Whipsnakes scored 3 power play goals on 7 opportunities but failing to score on their first two minute advantage and only scoring once when Romar Dennis cross checked Grayson Sallade in the face was costly.

Dennis has officially returned to his PLL outdoor form. After scoring on a savable 2 pointer, he’s now shooting 1 for 13.

Xander Dickson got back onto Sportscenter for a baseball bat assist but was 0 for 3 on the day shooting.

Chris Gray was 1 for 10 shooting, but the one he scored proved to be the game winner.

This doesn’t seem like a game the 2022 Atlas would win, but then again it isn’t their fault Nardella isn’t playing.

The Atlas are in a three way tie for third place thanks to the abundance of 1 goal games to start the season. They will play the Waterdogs Friday night in Columbus. Does Dillon Ward suit up?

Will Baptiste have another big outing at the face off X?

Will Danny Logan suit up or will he be resting his injury in preparation for the World Games?

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