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The Lacrosse Playground podcast network features Pro Lacrosse Talk, Takeaways with Ric Beardsley, The Fantasy Lacrosse Podcast and Trilogy Lacrosse Theater, with more lacrosse podcasts on the way.

Pro Lacrosse Talk

The Pro Lacrosse Talk podcast is the first and only lacrosse podcast covering all three professional lacrosse leagues (NLL, PLL, Athletes Unlimited). We recap the games, provide analysis and feature exclusive interviews with pro lacrosse players, coaches and executives.

The Fantasy Lacrosse Podcast

The Fantasy Lacrosse Podcast is the first and only podcast covering fantasy lacrosse, pro lacrosse betting (PLL and NLL) and the gamification of pro lacrosse.

Takeaways with Ric Beardsley

Takeaways with Ric Beardsley is an unfiltered lacrosse podcast hosted by the Atlas LC assistant and Syracuse legend.

Trilogy Lacrosse Theater

“Lacrosse highlights discussed by the all-stars who created them.”
These are the audio files from Trilogy Lacrosse’s interviews with some of the top lacrosse players in the world.